Dedicated: Do You Actually Need a Smartphone Case?

The best accessory for our hands, showcasing our taste for exquisite yet practical things, nowadays is a smartphone. Whether you go with android powered, iOS, or opt for a Windows OS smartphone, you can’t go around your normal routine without them anymore. All manufacturers are paying utmost attention to how these slabs of plastic, glass and metal feel in our hands, how we look holding them and how the world sees us while carrying this modern day wizardry. That’s the reason we find diamond cut aluminum, super tough glass and sometimes even sapphire on current smartphones, making them the ultimate and most functional jewelry.

The Inherent Toughness is Never Enough

With increasing beauty and sophistication, smartphones have become more fragile, though manufacturers have come up with solutions like Gorilla Glass, self healing frames and aerospace grade metal bodies – titanium to be exact – there still seems something missing, the piece of mind. Also, the fact that the delicate internals could never be bump and thud proof, especially considering the sleek and bezel-less design the industry is moving toward, the answer is simple; get a case.

Will You Compromise on Looks?  

You might think that you are making a compromise here. I mean why pay top dollar to get a slim piece of art and then cover it with bulky plastic. Well my friend, smartphone cases have made the same level of improvement and refinement over the years as the smartphones themselves. Just have a look at some of the best iPhone 7 cases online, and tell me, do they look compromising or limit the style in any way. If anything, they add, they add the wow factor, and with added colors and texture options, you can match them with your backpacks for an utterly chic look. The options are wide and can cater to everyone’s taste. I mean you can get the feel of leather, metal on metal, the ruggedness and practicality of high definition clear silicon that essentially keeps the looks of your phones intact.

What More Can be Done?

Covering the body is one thing, you cannot leave the face – the screen – unprotected. Yes, they are covered with Gorilla glasses in most cases and that’s a tough glass, but it can break like any other glass. And in most cases, glass and touch panel are designed together in such a way that you cannot go for just replacing the glass. You have to replace the whole system, that can cost you one third, and in some cases as much as half, of your phone’s price.

What to do? Simple, get a screen protector – a glass one – and if you can, go for a tempered glass protector, they are the best in class. And don’t worry, they won’t add any heft or hinder the touch experience. In most cases, a tempered glass actually improves the touch, protects from smudges and reduces glare.

The case is settled, it’s not about saving the outer frame and body from bumps and scratches, rather providing added protection and strength to internal circuits, that make smartphone cases an absolute necessity. And to top it off, add to the screen protection for complete peace of mind and longevity to your phone.