Dedicated: The Birthday Bash – A Guilt-Free Guide to Gift Giving in 2017

You know what you’re wearing before she even invites you to her birthday bash.

Transport, drinks and the after party seem to plan themselves. However, when it’s time to select a gift – you’re drawing a blank. Racking your brain to find a time she expressed an interest in ANYTHING is getting you nowhere and her birthday draws closer.

This year, go off the beaten track and choose something that will surprise and delight her with its originality and thoughtfulness. Remember, you don’t have to break the bank to give a knockout gift.

Go Novel or Go Home

Nothing beats the birthday girl throwing her head back in laughter.

If your gift can achieve this, then you are dead on the money! Birthdays for us ladies can be hard enough, so lighten her load with gifts for her that will have her shrieking in disbelief. Candles, hand cream and everything in between have been done – give her the gift of laughter and amusement and she won’t forget it. If you’re not completely sold and have your heart set something else, get her another gift and use the novel item as an extra to cover all bases.

Need vs Want

I know you say you need that denim jacket or new speakers, but is it more of a want?

1970s Sheer Blouse from Pop Sick Vintage

If you want to get her something she needs, perhaps she has a new job which will require a new wardrobe or more purposeful work bag. If you noticed she has been rocking stained pyjamas to the gym or always picking up coins falling out of her ripped coin purse, then bingo! These are great need items that she would have got to eventually and will serve a real cause and now she has a nice story as to how she got it!

Get Creative

If you’re taking the time to read this, then she is a special person in your life, so all the more reason to make her feel like it. Think about what makes your friendship unique and capture the moment or feeling in a one of the kind gift. If you both love Italian food, book a cooking class for the two of you to get messy and experience something together.

Pottery classes or floristry classes are a fun thing to do, and probably something neither of you would try, so take the reins and make it happen! If you have a few pictures together from over the years, scrap them in a book or put them in a frame – it’s something she can put around the house and will make her smile when she sees it.

That’s a Wrap

Nothing more irresistible than a beautifully wrapped gift.

It’s as if we revert back to childhood, desperately counting down the hours until present opening. Give your gift it’s due by using funky paper, big ribbons or even a gift bag to set pressie apart from the rest.

Instead of grabbing a run of the mill Hallmark card last minute, find a funny photo of the two of you, a quote from one of her favourite movies or artists and create your own card. It won’t take long with the right website and it will a card she will keep and have on the fridge.

Rather than dreading gift giving, relish the hunt and find something truly priceless.

Use birthdays as an opportunity to let her know she has a special part of your heart. Extra points for gifts that make her laugh, or get her outside her comfort zone by being daring and creative.

Probably watching Netflix.