Dedicated: A Broke Girl’s Guide to Roulette

There is one game at the casino that is just a little bit sexier than all the rest: roulette

Most of the bachelorette parties I’ve been to have taken place at casinos. Despite having an absolute blast with my girlfriends, I can’t help but check out that gorgeous roulette table. Roulette is an interesting casino game. Roulette fans would probably admit that sometimes it’s extremely hard to leave a roulette table. And even though online casinos always have the edge, online casino players can significantly improve their chances of winning if they will follow this simple advice:

Forget About American Version

First of all, you should never play American roulette at online casinos. Double zero makes your chances of winning considerably lower. Let us remind you that when zero is hit, all casino players’ bets are lost. If double zero is present, the opportunity of this unpleasant situation taking place increases.

Avoid Risky Bets

Temptation to receive 1:35 payout is tremendous. Except for video slots just few online casino games can offer this big multiplier, but risk of losing in this case is significant. There are 36 numbered sectors on a roulette table and the chances of winning number being exactly the one you placed your bet on are minimal.

Casino online roulette has other betting options with much lower levels of risk. For example, casino player can choose to bet on a line and get 5:1 payout. The chances are even higher when betting on dozens or colons (payout is 2:1). But the most careful online casino players are recommended to place even money bets: red/black, odd/even, 1-18/19-36.

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Special Rules

European roulette with standard set of rules gives the 2.70% edge to online casinos. In American roulette casino edge is 5.40%. These values clearly demonstrate why online casino players shouldn’t play American version.

With the help of special En Prison rule, casino edge is reduced two times and becomes 1.35%. According to this rule, when zero is hit, all bets stay where they are for one more spin. Casino online players receive a second chance, but there won’t be any payouts in case they win. Casino gamers just get their bets back.

This rule isn’t commonly used. Sometimes instead of it online casinos practice La Partage rule which is used in similar situations. According to La Partage, casino online players will have half of their bets returned.