Dedicated: How to Buy the Perfect Engagement Ring without Going into Debt

If you are planning on popping the question any time soon, there may be one question niggling at the back of your mind: how will I afford an engagement ring? Among millennials in particular, the idea of a traditional proposal along with an accompanying ring is often seen as an antiquated idea. Yet it is also a tradition that still stands strong today.

You probably don’t want to go into long-lasting debt just to create a special moment for your significant other, though. That’s why it’s good to consider a few ideas that’ll help you avoid it and still present a piece of jewelry that’ll be met with the answer you’re seeking.

Manage Your Expectations

For anyone who is considering marriage, it’s good to have a realistic idea of what you’d like to have. The same idea goes for engagement rings and the kind of diamonds you’re considering buying. This of course means that you’ll have to set a realistic budget for yourself. While the idea may not sound very romantic, it’s a practical consideration that’ll result in you finding the perfect ring and without having to pay off debts for the rest of your life.

Shop Around

This may sound like very simple, basic advice but you’ll be surprised how many people don’t follow it. It’s important to take your time when it comes to selecting the right ring, the right diamond and the right kind of band for your special someone. This has practical, financial implications: you may be able to get a better deal at the jewelry store across town than you would at one down the road.

In the same vein, you may also want to do a bit of research and improve your diamond education. Knowing a bit more about cut, color, clarity and carat weight well ensure that you know what you’re getting for the money you’re paying. You’ll be a bit more aware of what you can spend.

Choose a Colored Stone

This isn’t to say that colored stones are less expensive – however many of them are. Not only can this reduce your budget considerably, but it’ll probably help you find something unique and individual that’ll add even more color to your engagement overall. There are lots of stone types out there with sapphires, emeralds and rubies being just some of them. Diamonds are not the only choice, though indeed popular!

Buy a Ring that You Think Looks Good

While a jeweler can be helpful when it comes to buying diamond rings and jewelry of any kind, remember that they’re trying to sell you something. So, they’ll naturally want to charge you a little bit more. Don’t let them tell you what will look good on your significant other’s finger: think about it yourself and see what will may be right for them.

Buying an engagement ring doesn’t mean that you have to take out a second mortgage or sell your soul. The best things you can invest (besides money) is time and education that’ll lead you to a choice which will stay in your sweetheart’s memory forever.