Dedicated: How You Can Make Money Out of Your Old Clothes

It’s probably not a new experience to you, running low on cash or not having enough to buy something you want to, even need to. We’ve all been there at some point. What some of us don’t realize is that money can be hiding right under our noses—or in our closets.

You might be tempted to head the usual route of Amazon, eBay or even Facebook. Before you do, have you explored all the other options out there? Here are other online selling options you can try out.

For social shoppers: Poshmark

This startup took a spin on the Amazon business model by building a community. They take the personal experience of rummaging through a friend’s closet and turning it into a new shopping experience. The difference between Poshmark and real life is you’re not limited to a circle of friends. Buyers and items are matched based on their list of favorite brands which users list upon sign-up. The app comes with its own set of photo filters so sellers can get that “magazine-esque” look for their merchandise, as the brand says. Read our review of buying and selling on Poshmark for more info!

For people who want everything taken care of: eBay Valet

Twice was acquired by eBay in 2015 to launch their new service eBay Valet. Their aim was to make selling as easy as shopping. eBay Valet has strong advantages namely their wide customer base, steady reputation as an online shopping hub for secondhand clothing and now, its valet service for selling. Those interested in putting up their items for sale simply have to ship their items to eBay for free and allow the firm’s valets do the selling for them.

For busy parents: ThredUP

Their selling process is simple and fuss-free. Once you order a CleanOut Kit from ThredUp, the company sends you an envelope with a bag and instructions, including a list of brands they’re more likely to accept and another list of those they don’t. You put your clothes in the bag, ship it back to them and they’ll send you a list of each item they received with the MSRP and the total amount they’re willing to pay you. They take care of the shipping costs and you don’t pay a cent for the CleanOut package. Check out our full review of buying and selling clothing on ThredUp! We went through the entire process.

For label fanatics: SnobSwap

It broke the rules of having to pay an arm and a leg for designer clothing. SnobSwap allows you to buy pieces from high-end brands at prices up to 90% of what they originally cost. If you don’t feel like spending but have a few items in your closet you’re bored with, swap them for new ones (well, in “like new” condition). It’s the fashion maven’s dream, founded by sisters whose passion for designer labels, swapping and thrifting was born at a time when they were buried in student loans. The company has grown more open to different brands, holding up to 2000, but without compromising quality.

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For people who only wear designer duds: TheRealReal

With “real” being in their name, the company sells only authentic luxury brand items, verified by their own experts. Their warehouse carries millions of dollars in designer clothing but says all products are purchased within 30 days. TheRealReal caters to people who prefer their Chanel, Hermès, and Cartier which are some of their most popular brands—and their most expensive. Instead of hostility, the luxury industry is embracing the firm’s mission as more people are willing to purchase new items knowing they can resell them. The company takes care of the pickup or shipping of the items, inspection, photographing and pay you up to 70% of the item’s sale price, depending on the brand, kind of product, age and condition.

For business-minded people: Shopify

We’re hearing more success stories about how people earn a living from selling their used items with some earning thousands of dollars at a time. Those who decided to create online shops for used clothes and turn it into a fulltime business opt to avail of ecommerce solutions like Shopify. It offers several tools needed to run your business, even a simple website builder so new businesses don’t have to get a web developer but still have a professional appeal. Depending on the package, some offer technical support and other services, making it easier for store owners who lack expertise or funds to hire people.