Dedicated: Easy Plants to Grow at Home

Having indoor plants can be a great way to brighten up your home and make your home look much more inviting and welcoming. Houseplants can also be an important part of interior design and the overall décor of your home! It’s important to make sure that you have the right conditions for your plants to ensure they remain healthy and have a long life. Houseplants are generally very easy to care for, with little maintenance so that you can enjoy them without much work. have sourced some of the easiest plants to grow at home to help you on your way.

Looking after plants

Some of the most important factors when it comes to looking after houseplants include temperature, light and humidity. The amount of light that your houseplants get is crucial, and they need natural light as opposed to domestic light! You have to be wary of too much sun as it could cause discolouration of your plants.

Finding the balance is incredibly important if you want healthy plants. The humidity of a room can also have an effect on the plants. For example, the kitchen or bathroom will have a higher level of humidity than the rest of the house. Temperature can also affect your plants; finding the right temperature can help to avoid plant decline or leaf damage.

It’s worth carrying out research in your home before you buy any plants, in order to make sure your plants will thrive in their environment. For example, you could monitor the temperature of a room through the day and night to make sure there is the right amount of heat.

Best plants to grow at home

There are some houseplants that have proved incredibly popular and are very easy to look after. If you’re looking to include plants in your home in the coming months, then here are a few great suggestions.

The peace lily will brighten up any living space; producing dark green leaves with white flowers. One of the most common mistakes when looking after peace lilies is overwatering them. Instead of watering this plant on a schedule, check the soil first to see if it actually needs watering. You might also want to repot your peace lilies as they outgrow their containers.

The jade plant is another great plant for indoors. Considered to be a symbol of good luck, they can grow up to 24 inches high when kept inside. With smooth, oval-shaped leaves, the jade plant is very easy to grow. Water the plant when the top of the soil is just dry to the touch, and leave it in full sunlight to allow it to grow fully.

The spider plant is a tough houseplant and most adaptable. They suffer from few problems, but it is worth noting that they do enjoy cooler temperatures more. With green or yellow stems, they do also sometimes produce little white flowers.


Lastly, the cape primrose is guaranteed to make any home look more inviting. Available in a wide range of colours, it will flower over a number of months. Make sure they receive plenty of light, but try to avoid exposing them to heat.