Dedicated: Eight Essential Items All Hairdressers Should Have

Whether you rent a chair in a salon, work as a mobile stylist or have your own studio set up at home; you’re going to need the right tools to ensure your clients walk away with beautiful hair that they’ll love until it needs an update again. With this in mind, here are eight essential items you need in your kit:

  1. Latex gloves

Working with dyes and chemicals can be hazardous for hands, resulting in staining, discomfort and even reactions, so it’s important you keep them protected with some disposable latex gloves. Choose the right size to ensure you can still move your hands and carry out the work easily.

  1. Tangle Teezer

These innovative brush designs are a must-have for any hairdresser, who wants to ensure they get all of the knots out of their clients’ hair after a wash, with minimal damage and discomfort. They are available in a wide variety of funky designs and colours, to suit whatever vibe your salon wants to convey. You can get professional versions of these brushes, made to be used by salons.

  1. Heat protective mat

Heated hair stylers, such as straighteners and curling tongs, get very hot so it’s a good idea to have heat protective mats available to place them on when they’re turned on but are not being used. If you are a mobile hairdresser your clients will thank you for this, as you make an effort to protect whatever surface you’re using in their home.

  1. High quality scissors

Good scissors mean good hair cuts and happy clients. To ensure you can meet their demands, you’re going to need more than one type though. These include:

Tooth thinning scissors – These scissors feature fine comb like features that allow you to take off a small amount of hair each time to achieve a softer cut.
Long blade – These scissors are best for the big cuts, when removing length for example.
Short cut – If you’re working on layers or detailed work then a short blade allows you more control and precision.

Click here to read this guide on choosing the best scissors.

  1. Round brush

The best choice when it comes to blow drying and adding volume and dimension, a round brush should be in every hairdresser’s arsenal. They’re also good for when you want to create big bouncy curls.

  1. Heat protective spray or serum

Teach your clients about the importance of protecting their hair when using heat, and ensure you always have a good heat protective spray or serum to hand. Apply this before blow-drying or styling to ensure hair isn’t damaged.

  1. Duckbill clips

These allow you to quickly pin hair out of the way while styling, offering good grip, and can even be used when creating hairstyles such as pin curls or Hollywood style waves.

  1. The right hair dryer attachments

You need to arm your professional hairdryer with the right attachments for each type of style you’re trying to achieve. A diffuser is great for creating big, voluminous curls while a narrow nozzle is best for achieving sleek, straight styles.

With these pieces in your kit, you’ll always be creating professional and stunning styles that your clients will love and will encourage them to come back time and time again.  

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