Dedicated: Eternity Roses are Perfectly Unusual & Delightfully Unique Gifts

It’s easy enough to get someone a gift off of their Amazon wish list, but if you really want to blow them away, you need to step up your game. These five unique gifts will shock and amaze your BFF, girlfriend, husband, or whoever else is on your gift list this year.

One of the most clever and romantic gifts I’ve ever seen is from Eternity Rose Canada. The name – the Eternity Rose – describes exactly what it is: a rose that lasts forever due to being dipped and preserved in a precious metal.

The rose is then made into a pendant or earrings, depending on the size. Alternatively, you can have an entire rose, stem and all, dipped in silver, gold, or platinum. It’s set in a satin-lined box for display or to protect it as a keepsake.

The coolest part about these five gifts is that they can be given to just about anyone at any time, for any reason! Obviously roses are going to be a little more romantic than these other gifts, but they’re versatile enough to appeal to everyone, regardless of gender, age, or whatever! There’s no time like the present to show those close to you that you think they’re a little strange, a little unusual, and most of all, awesome.

You can also get glazed roses, which are treated nearly the same way as the precious metal roses, except with a colorful resin instead of metal. This looks exceptionally beautiful in the white glaze with 24k rose trim, in my opinion, but there are other colors both natural and fantastic.

24k Gold White Glazed Rose Necklace, $79

A really affordable route to take would be to get the Eternity Rose earbud earrings, or a pendant necklace. They’re smaller, but still made out of real rosebuds. It’s a more easily displayable gift, anyway. It’s fun to have a full-length rose that’s been dipped in gold, but when it’s on a necklace, you take it with you wherever you go! It’s an awesome conversation piece, and looks beautiful as jewelry.

There are sets available with a necklace, matching set of earrings, and a full Eternity Rose, too. As far as unique and unusual gifts go, this one is a triple threat. It’s wearable, beautiful, and could easily become a family heirloom.

Check out the Eternity Rose website here!

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