Dedicated: Fashion Staples That Every Woman Should Own

Are you looking for clothes that you can wear year after year? Although your closet has seen many trends come and go, there are some basics that will never go out of style, including:

White t-shirt

A white tee is a classic piece that you need to own. Opt for soft white tees that are relaxed and have a lived-in fit. The décolletage that you choose depends on your preferences, but you can opt for a V-neck because it is sexier and perfect if you want to layer some necklaces for a chic look.

The white tee is incredibly versatile in that you can wear it with many styles of clothes. Therefore, you should not just relegate this item to casual looks. If you find a great cut that fits you, you can wear it to any occasion. Moreover, you can pair it with anything from jeans to silky pants.

Black tights

A pair of black tights can be worn with anything and to any occasion. Not only do they complement your outfits, but they also have a slimming effect on your body. Tights are versatile in that you can wear them to any occasion, including an office meeting and a party.

If you are looking for the best tights, you should make sure that you know your size. Buying the right size is important because you do not want them to be too tight or loose. Just for Kix is a dancing clothes site but you can buy your regular tights from it.

White button-down

When buying fashion staples, a button-down shirt should be at the top of your list because of its flexibility. It can be worn with any color and to any occasion, including formal ones. The white button-down can add a crisp polish to your off-duty as well as work clothes.

With this piece, you can look put-together even if you are feeling far from it. You can pair your white button-down with a pencil skirt or jeans. Additionally, you can make this essential your own by pairing it with whatever you want.

Black pumps

When it comes to shoes that go with everything, black pumps are at the top of the list. They are versatile and reliable and can complement almost any outfit. A pair of pumps will never let you down; whether you are going to the office or attending a friend’s party, these shoes are the best.

If you are at the office and need to attend a party right after work, you do not need to change your shoes. Black pumps can transition easily from formal to casual.

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Pencil skirt

Every woman needs this essential piece in her wardrobe. A pencil skirt never goes out of style and you can wear it to any event. It has moved out of ‘office-only’ territory and can be paired with a lived-in tee for a casual look. If you want to choose the best color to wear to different events, go with black because it is the go-to color.

Nude flats

When you need to take a break from wearing heels, you should opt for nude flats. This fashion staple is the ideal substitute for your heels as it straddles the line between casual and dressy. Nude flats are functional, meaning that you can wear them at home when chilling in tailored pants or when going out with a floral sundress.


Sunglasses are always cool no matter what season it is. Opt for bright frames because they go with any outfit. A pair of sunglasses adds a playful touch to your outfit, no matter what you are wearing.