Dedicated: How to Feel Good All Day

Do you want to feel good all day? Here are some ideas and advises. Every one of us has a day-to-day life routine. We have to work, to make homework, to take care of our families, etc. It’s good to be busy, because when you accomplish a job and things are better, you feel good. But, sometimes you just can’t finish what you planned before and get a good result at the end. It’s the inspiration you need. The inspiration gives us forces to make everything and to overcome difficulties. If you really want to get inspired for small and big tasks, obviously, you need positive feelings. And you need it for a certain period of time that your tasks are required. It is better to have a good mood all day long and at the end of the day too. This leads to a constant positive way of thinking of your personality. When things go this way, your productivity will grow and you will not feel tired and exhausted when something goes wrong.

There are five advises how to feel good all day long. First of all, you should realize what kind of positive feelings you want to feel during your day. It is possible to write down a list of feelings you want to have for your to-do list during the day. These are such feelings as Responsibility, Excitement, Satisfaction, Joy, Proud, Love and many others. For every task to do, find a perfect match of your feelings. By other words, realize how you should feel for completing each task. That means that each task of the list should get its own feeling. It is like that for instance:

Wash my car  – Responsibility.
Cook a lunch –  Excitement.
Visit my relatives – Joy.

A single man could focus on such positive changes in his life, like finding his love and getting marry. Why not to meet Russian girls online? The Love would match this task the best way.

Attaching positive feelings on your list of the day tasks is an important step to the positive, conscious and purposeful way of life. When you finish with your tasks and feelings, think twice. Maybe you mentioned only tasks of pleasure? What is about necessary, but important things to do as well? Take a pause and revise what tasks you have to add. At the end of the day, read your tasks again. Did you manage to make everything? If you didn’t, assign the missed task for tomorrow and think why it wasn’t done today. About tasks successfully done, do you feel an inner relief? You see everything is done well and you feel satisfied and happy in your mind. That is surely increase your motivation.

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If you follow these instructions, you will have positive feelings and feel good all over the day. After a little time, you will wake up in the morning with positive expectations and you will feel your big potential to make everything the best way during all the day long. Try to remember your dreams and think how they are related to your life. In the morning, even if you feel like you want to stay in bed for the whole day, get out this bad idea and get up. Look at yourself in the mirror and smile at yourself. What to do with your fairs, bad thoughts and dark expectations? The less you let your thoughts pass into your head, the more likely you are to feel at peace and relaxed throughout the day.

Then, check what you eat. Get rid of everything harmful and not healthy from your kitchen and your refrigerator. Think what is good for you and what is not. Surely, you need more fresh foods, more vegetables and fruits.

Take a custom to make physical exercises, to visit gym or fitness club, jogging in the morning at least. Being in a good fit physically is the best way to be full of positive energy for your endeavors. It is also important to allocate several minutes for the meditation. Sit comfortably and relax. Focus on your breathing and feel how calmness and peace enter your soul.

Express respect, joy and kindness to all people around you. They will act accordingly towards you. Making generous and kind acts brings us the feeling of beauty. A human being should see something beautiful as often as possible. Maybe these are flowers, a painting on the wall or another master piece in a museum. We have to enjoy by watching perfect people or things.

Such technique is working on the subconscious level. If your positive, you’re willing to create. If you create, you get the feed-back in the forms of success and luck. Positive way of thinking creates your happy emotions.

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