Dedicated: For Frumpy Fashionistas – Stylish Ways to Layer Your Clothes Like the Pros

When the weather is chilly or just super-changeable, it is wise to wear layers, so you can shed them or add them as the day warms or cools. However, that doesn’t mean you have to wear every single item of clothing you own. Here are some valuable tips on how to layer your clothes and still look stylish at the same time.

  • Double on coats: Not always an obvious idea, but if it’s really cold you can add a light jacket under your larger coat. Mix materials and textures to look cool while you feel warm.
  • Belt up: If you’re concerned that you’re going to look too bulky in your layers, cinch your waist in with a belt.
  • Befriend a hoodie: This is a great way to layer up because you can wear a coat or jacket over the top and still wear the hood. The best winter materials for a hoodie are fleece and wool blends.
  • Put a sock in it: You can slip on your favorite shoes, even in the winter, just wear some socks or knitted tights to keep your feet warm. Or even both.
  • Fit your form: Wear a short chunky sweater over a form-fitting long sleeve t-shirt for a cute layer effect.
  • Top it up: Wear short-sleeved t-shirts under sleeveless dresses to warm up.
  • Pop some color: Wear a brightly colored, lightweight sweater under a shaggy, faux fur vest.

Layering Essentials That you Really Should Own

Turtleneck: A black, figure-hugging turtleneck sweater is a must for under-layering. You can wear a shirt or a thicker sweater over the top.

Shirt: A printed, button-down shirt is great for wearing under tank tops, smocks or vests.

Denim jacket: A well-worn or vintage blue-jean jacket is great for wearing underneath your heavier coat.

Cardigan: A patterned cardigan can be worn over a turtleneck or shirt and under an overcoat. Cardigans are so versatile and you can find one to match just about any outfit.

Hat and scarf: A fashionable hat and scarf set is essential. You can match or mix and match, go crazy with color and brighten up a darker outfit.

A maxi cardigan: This will allow you to wear shorts and short skirt underneath without getting a chill.

Accessorize: However you decide to layer, don’t forget to accessorize to look cool while you’re staying warm. Check out to find your favorite apparel and accessories.

layering blazer wool autumn sweaters

Best Materials for Under-Layering

  • Synthetics: These materials are superior as a base layer because they wick moisture well. They will quick get smelly so wash them frequently.
  • Merino wool: This also transfers moisture well and retains heat.
  • Cotton: Although it’s popular be warned, cotton is not a good base layer. It’s quick to absorb moisture but doesn’t wick it away. It will hold the damp material next to your skin and make you colder.

You don’t have to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe for the winter season, simply use what you already have and layer it up. That way you’re comfortably warm when you’re outdoors, and when your get inside you can peel off a few layers.

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