Dedicated: Going to the Game in Style and Within Budget

Glam is in and leaving home with a look that is “on point” is expected. Whether you’re going to a sophisticated gaming event or a boisterous basketball game, it’s a must that you show off your trendy style while rooting for your favorite teams. As you create your outfit, however, take careful note of the venue, since you will need to dress differently court-side than if you are in the nosebleeds. While the celebrities that mill around court-side generally aim for understated elegance with just enough pizzazz to make the next news cycle, leather body-con dresses at a game are a bit over the top for most. Actress Jessica Alba’s feminine style of comfy sweaters and skinny jeans with minimal makeup at a basketball game is one end of the scale as compared to Beyoncé, who glams it up with fantastic six-inch heels and designer jewelry. You can create a look somewhere in between.

Wintry or rainy weather does not mean that you can’t rock an eye-catching look based on a stylish hoodie and boots. You can make your own statement by waiting for those mid-season blowout sales and gradually build your wardrobe with discounted, wild, and wonderful pieces. Your goal should be classy and chic, yet comfortable. Be mindful that a celebrity can wear those ultra-high heels as they have an entourage to catch them when they trip after stepping out the limo. Since you don’t, you should wear extra comfortable, rubber-soled shoes or a pair of eye-catching flats will be safer. A baseball cap and a simple T-shirt for under $20 can be pulled off with aplomb if complemented with the right bold accessory, like your grandmother’s chunky necklace that cost nothing. Tweak your look with some platform sneakers that you can get for $50-$150 depending on your budget.

A sleek pair of black skinny jeans will only set you back about $40 and can be worn over and over again. You can pair the latest trend in skinny jeans with a sexy crop top, which is really a normal-sized blouse purchased from the junior’s department. In addition to your team colors, add some team gear, then color block with some accessories in a bold and unexpected hue and your “sexy–casual” look is complete.

If you can’t squeeze a lot out of your budget, start with a few key pieces that can be worn time and again in different ways. Scarves and hats are the best choices for the frugal shopper. A scarf is the perfect accessory that can change boring to breathtaking, and just as importantly for the Broke and Beautiful Woman is knowing what NOT to wear to a sporting event.

If you can’t decide what to wear or despair that your budget doesn’t allow you to turn heads at the game, you can wrap up in a comfy, threadbare bathrobe and watch the game on TV. Also, take note of some pointers on dressing professionally for work as well. However, lying around and giving up is just not what beautiful people do. Put on your chic outfit and get to the game!