Dedicated: Great Ways for Parents to Get Fit

Spring is in full bloom with summer not far around the corner. As the weather continues to improve, meaning jumpers are being shrugged off and jeans traded in for skirts and shorts, you may start to think it’s time to get in shape.

Most of us gain weight and lose definition over winter, with Christmas gatherings amounting to platefuls of foods and New Year’s resulting in glasses of wine, beer or champagne as we welcome resolutions and the prospects of new beginnings. However, when you’re a parent, it’s difficult to find time or energy when wanting to shift the weight.

A lot of parents will turn to crash diets before a holiday because it offers quick solutions. However, these are unstable and unsustainable ways to lose weight, and they usually cause the dieter to add the weight back – and maybe more easily. Therefore, it’s important to look for healthier alternatives that can be administered into your daily routines, and ones that will not interfere with parenthood.

To help get you parents started, we are offering tips on how to get work a fitness schedule into your parental routines.

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Knowledge is Power

There are a lot of myths out there, which is why it is important to conduct your own research. By doing this, you’ll find your results will stop being biased, but you can cater to your own needs without the influence of others. There are many sites that have their own agendas, and the same goes for cookbooks. However, there is sound nutritional advice in bookshops and online.

If you’re struggling to determine fact from fiction, consider booking an appointment with a nutritionist. By taking these steps to bettering your diet, it could not only set you onto a healthier pathway but also influence your children’s diets.

Spring Cleaning

One of the most common parental chores happens to be keeping the house spick-and-span. This means picking up the toys left behind by your children, washing paint from the walls and furniture fabrics, and ensuring it still looks like a home run by adults. However, put on some comfy clothes and turn this into opportunity. Giving your home a good spring clean burns off a surprising number of calories, meaning every inch you hoover, table you dust, windows you wash and beds you make ensures you’re working towards your dream figure. Click here for a fun way to get started.

Walk Don’t Drive

Although it is tempting to drive your car to the shops, walking is a free and easy way to exercise. Thirty minutes of exercise a day is all you need when coupled with a healthy diet, so a leisurely stroll to the local market or quick visit to the park could mean you’re regulating your weight and losing inches around your waistline.

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Walking also holds many other benefits. Allowing yourself to breathe in fresh air can clear your head, relax you and improve your moods. Therefore, think what it’ll do for your children, too? For extra impact consider fast walking, carrying a backpack, or taking a short hike when the kids are at school.

Run Your Troubles Away

If walking doesn’t offer the correct amount of exercise for you to reach your fitness goals, make sure to purchase some running shoes. You don’t need to go far or run a marathon, but the more you improve your cardio, the more enjoyable this exercise will become. Also, you can easily work a quick one mile sprint into your day. If your children go to a nearby school, you could walk them to school and run back, or even invest in a gym membership.

Once your cardio is improving you could try the couch to 5k program. This is also a great incentive to get started.

Food Matters

As previously discussed, the right food is important and can make all the difference. Exercise isn’t enough, and a balanced, healthy diet is crucial when toning up, losing weight or bulking up. Try to eat plenty of fresh produce such as fruit and vegetables, incorporate slow release carbs such as brown rice and pasta which will keep you feeling fuller for longer, and cut out any additional, unnatural sugars and saturated fats.

Keep Hydrated

Your body depends on water more so than food which is why staying hydrated is incredibly important. Scientists suggest drinking eight glasses a day, and by sticking to these statistics, your skin can stay bright, your hair stronger, and keep your internal organs working at their best. It will also counter any unnecessary hunger cravings because when dehydrated, you tend to eat bigger portions.

By following these simple tips, any parent will be able to make changes to their lifestyle, as well as their kid’s. Not only can these tips help you lose and regulate your weight, but it can also improve your mental health.