Dedicated: Increasing Popularity of Electronic Violin for Today’s Generation

Music has been a part of life since primitive times. Over the decades, it has grown more diverse and ingrained in all cultures. Similarly, the musical instruments have come a long way. Today’s generation is more attracted to technological stuff and modern musical instruments like electric violin, which have caught the attention of both kids and adults.

Music produced via different musical instruments is an art that brings people together and evokes emotions. Violins are popular for invoking emotional response in listeners. The violin has been an excellent instrument for youngsters and adults altogether, who want to connect their souls through music. You might be familiar with the name Elle King, a rock star who started her musical career with violin. Another inspiring story of two broke girls living on strings – Charly and Marguax – tells how music connects people.

Playing instruments has considerably become more important for kids since last century. Many parents think that learning music is important for kids to connect to their emotions and reveal their talents. You can see children as young as five years old setting their sight on an instrument they are going to master. In recent years, electronic violins got more popular and kids are leaning more toward them to learn music. The increasing acceptance of electronic violin picked our curiosity to know why today’s generation is opting for electric violins rather than classic instruments. What has changed really?

Electric Violins and Today’s Generation

A new era is evolving in music industry, an era that brings classical music to modern times, merging soulful music of classical violin with the modern pop music produced by electronic violins. Music violinists play in orchestra using classical violins can produce sounds just like using Yamaha electronic violins. This is the reason why they are so trendy today. The electronic output of sounds together with classical tones of violin produces music that has turned the heads of today’s generation.

While violin has been a popular instrument to learn music, for youngsters it might be a little too traditional. With electronic violins, they can turn their music from traditional to modern and their fame should not be a surprise seeing 12% violin learners are using electric violins to learn music.

Where classical violin is a hollowed instrument and produces sounds by the vibration of strings and the body itself, electronic violin has a solid body and produces feeble sound but that can be amplified by plugging the instrument to the amplifier. It lets you control the sound output of the amp. You can turn the volume high and rock it or turn it down if you are in a mood for soothing vibrato.

Another specialty of the electric violin is that you can use headphones with an SD card to practice your favorite songs without disturbing others. Silent violins like electric ones are perfect for beginners; they can listen to what they are playing and learn to play violin smoothly without making others cringe at the mistakes.

The rising star Lindsey Stirling has inspired millions who flock to her YouTube channel to see her play electric violin creating violin music out of pop. This music diversity has astounded people and increased the reputation of electronic violins among younger generation.

Probably watching Netflix.