Dedicated: Lights Off! – A Pragmatic Guide to Styling Your Home

There are numerous benefits to leading a sustainable, environmentally friendly lifestyle.

It’s generally better for your health, you save money and you can feel good about doing something that benefits the planet. Adopting environmentally friendly habits begins with environmentally friendly decor. Designing or decorating your home with environmentally friendly practices in mind will make it easy to adopt such habits in your everyday life.

Let the light in.

If you’re energy conscious, but haven’t been able to adopt alternative sustainable energy methods, then finding ways to reduce your energy consumption in probably highly reliant on running around trying to remember to turn lights off when you leave the room. Rather than relying on overhead lighting, why not install a skylight to naturally illuminate your home during the day? A skylight will dramatically decrease the need for using lights throughout the day and they create a stunning atmosphere in any room from living room to bathroom. Check out The Buyer’s Guide to Selecting a Skylight to get tips and ideas.

Indoor oasis.

Put plants everywhere and anywhere in your home.

Set up an indoor herb garden on your kitchen window, put a small potted tree in the corner of your lounge room or place air purifying indoor plants around your bedroom. Plants make a stylish, multipurpose addition to your household.

Plants look great and they never go out of style.

You can buy them almost anywhere and indoor plants are usually a breeze to take care of, requiring very little maintenance. Plus, unlike your outdoor garden, your indoor plants can thrive all year long!

Natural materials.

Using natural, sustainable materials throughout your home will go a long way.

Not only do they generally look much nicer than synthetic materials, but they are treated with less chemicals and tend to be more durable. For your floors, try using materials such as bamboo, cork or recycled wood. You can also get a variety of furniture made from sustainable or recycled materials. Keep quality in mind when furnishing your home and choose well made pieces that you won’t have to throw out and replace after just a few years.

A VOC free zone.

VOCs, or Volatile Organic Compounds, are chemicals that get released into the air from many typical household products. Many of these products are used when decorating, cleaning or maintaining your home. Choosing products that are free of such chemicals and taking measures to reduce the effects can help both you and the environment.

VOCs can be found in things like furniture polish, paint, carpeting, candles, mothballs and certain plastics. When choosing things that go into your home, it’s important to check what’s in them and avoid products with harmful chemicals. Just in case, load up on those indoor plants as they’ll suck the chemicals right out of the air!

Buy vintage.

Buying vintage furniture pieces instead of new ones is a reflection of the classic “reduce, recycle, reuse” mantra that was everyone’s first exposure to sustainable living habits. Besides being beautiful and one of kind, vintage pieces allow you to reuse something that already exists instead of contributing the the cultivation of resources that could be saved. Vintage furniture will make your home look truly unique, while making you feel even more stylish in the process!

By making a few thoughtful choices when it comes to interior design, you will find yourself with a beautiful home that both you and the earth can appreciate.