Dedicated: Make a Statement with These Top Wallets for Men

When you whip out your wallet to pay for something, you do not want it to be frayed and old looking, which is embarrassing. While looking for a wallet, it is easy to be confused by the sheer number of wallets in the market. They come in different sizes and shapes, so you should know your preferences before you take out your hard-earned cash.

Here are the different types of wallets from which you can choose:

Classic bi-fold wallet

This is one of the oldest wallet styles. With its simple design, it is easy to access your cash and cards by just lifting the flap. For this reason, it is ideal for people who like minimalist wallet designs. The biggest selling point for this wallet is its slim design, which means that it can fit even in the slimmest pockets.

If you want to be able to sit comfortably without feeling as if you are on top of a lump, the bi-fold wallet is the best choice. Moreover, it looks great and comes in different colors to suit your wardrobe.

Tri-fold wallet

Just like the bi-fold wallet, this is a classic design that many men favor. However, what really sets it apart is the number of compartments that it has. If you carry more cash and cards than most people do, it is an excellent choice because it has more compartments.

Nonetheless, you should remember that over-stuffing your wallet will make it bulge, making it uncomfortable to sit down for a long time.

Hybrid slim wallet

Although most wallet designs have been around for a long time, slim wallets are new and starting to take a hold in the marketplace. Unpretentious men favor them because of their low profile design, which does not attract too much attention. If you prefer to keep all your things in one place and still be able to sit comfortably, this is the wallet for you.

Money clip wallet

This is the best wallet for men who are looking for a minimalist design. If you just want the barebones in terms of the number of things that you carry, the money clip is the best wallet for you. It helps that there are many different designs of this wallet, making it a great choice.

Are you finding less and less things to put in your wallet? It might be time to downsize by opting for a simple money clip.

Checkbook wallet

Do you want a unique wallet? The checkbook wallet is worth considering because of its size and standout design. This wallet was originally designed for traveling men to hold a vast array of credit cards, a passport, checkbook, and currency of choice. American travelers like to carry this wallet when they travel overseas because it can easily accommodate many currencies.

If you wear a suit or sport jacket on a daily basis, the checkbook wallet is great because it can easily fit into your pockets.

Coin wallet with a card slot

Do you live in a country where coins are used frequently? If you live in one of the countries in the European Union, the coin wallet would be ideal. Although a coin wallet is a bit on the bulky side, its slot segregation makes it easier to access your cards and cash.

If you like to be more organized, you should buy a coin wallet with separate slots so that you are not always fishing around for things.

Which wallet suits your needs best? You should choose a wallet for its function, not its aesthetic appeal. That way, you will not regret your choice later.