Dedicated: Manscaped, Grooming Essentials For Your Man

I love shopping for beauty supplies, but dating a metrosexual man, I’ve started to pay attention to the products developed for men, too. I’m always looking for unique ideas to gift my guy, to keep things fresh and interesting. A while ago, I came upon the Manscaped website, which caught my attention – partly because it offered gifts that step outside of the box, and partly because it’s just plain hilarious. The creators definitely have a sense of humor that’s right on par with the relationship my fella and I share. So, I decided to take the plunge and purchase The Perfect Package kit. Boy, am I glad I did! Not only was his reaction priceless (seriously, I should’ve taken a video) but it proved to be a really useful addition to his grooming ritual, and for a picky guy, that’s saying a lot.

Impressive First Impression

One of the first things I noticed is that the kit comes in a beautiful bag, which is perfect because it not only helps keep the supplies together, it also works well for traveling. The other thing I noticed is that the supplies are high quality. The kit comes with a variety of supplies including two trimmers, a cleanser, deodorizer and reviver. It also includes a mat that’s designed to catch the shavings for easy cleanup, which is great, because to be honest, I’m tired of little stubble crowding the shower and the tile flooring.

Keeping It Tidy

The Plow, which is a double-sided razor, has a sturdy feel and is ideal for men who like a really close shave. The handle is textured, and it almost reminds me of a thick bolt. If your man is kind of clumsy like mine can be, you can rest assured that this is still a safe gift idea. It has skin guards on both sides, so unless your guy is hacking away like he’s in the Amazon, it’s pretty safe to say he can get the smooth shave he desires without worrying about his hand slipping – I mean, I’d be a little scared using a straight razor in that area too… might get too close of a shave, if you know what I mean. Manscaped, though, has apparently thought of everything when it comes to the design of The Plow.

In addition to the straight razor, The Perfect Package comes with a trimmer that’s dubbed The Lawn Mower. While the trimmer is small, my guy was particularly fond of how easy it was to handle and how quickly it tamed the masses. It’s cordless, so there’s no wire to get caught (ahem) and it comes with a single attachment with five adjustment levels to get the right trim.

Cleaning the Crops

Here’s where things start to get really funny. The kit not only comes with trimmers to keep the hedges clean and tidy, but it also comes with a Crop Cleanser and Crop Preserver, to keep your man smelling fresh down there. Despite their silly names, which let’s face it, all guys have their own pet names for their packages, these products really do work.

The cleanser is very thick and suds up nicely. It comes in an 8-oz. bottle that easily fits in the bag and the best part is that he has to use so little of it (get your mind out of the gutter!) that it lasts a long time. After washing, the preserver serves as a deodorizer and moisturizer in one, and with the inclusion of natural herbs, it really does have a pleasant smell. Since it contains liquid talcum, it helps to prevent chafing and it keeps the skin soft.

If your guy is the type to sweat a lot, is an athlete or very active, the Crop Reviver helps maintain freshness between showers.  It comes in a convenient spray bottle that he can apply anytime. My guy likes to take it with him to freshen up the “boys” when he has a long day.

Outward Appearances

If there’s one thing I can tell you about a metrosexual it’s that they always look their best. My man’s hair is always neatly trimmed and he takes great pride in his hands, which brings me to the last element of The Perfect Package: the nail kit. It comes in a beautiful case and includes everything he needs to keep his hands well-manicured. Clippers, shears and a nail file offer the perfect complement to the guy who likes to look neat.

So the next time you’re in the market for a gift for your special guy, step outside of the box a little and give one of these kits a try.