Dedicated: How to Plan the Perfect Holiday in the UK

The UK is a country rich with history, culture and beauty. With England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to choose from, your trip could be difficult to plan. You want to see everything this beautiful country has to offer – from the architecture and landscape, to the food and drink – but your time is limited due to work obligations. So, how do you effectively plan your trip over the pond?

Pick the Right Destination

Think carefully about the type of holiday you would like to enjoy with your family, friends or partner. For a spot of hiking in the great outdoors, the Peak District is a rambler’s paradise. If you are looking for sandy beaches and sunny climates, book yourself into one of the many amazing hotels in Cornwall. From the buzz of London town to the historic attractions of Edinburgh, there is a destination to suit your taste in the UK. It’s just up to you to find it.

Pack Different Clothing

Let’s face it, the UK isn’t known for sunny temperatures all year long. One minute the sun will be exceptionally good, and the next it’s pouring with rain. Wherever you choose to visit, it’s always wise to pack for different temperatures – even if the weatherman has predicted it will be sunnier than Spain all week long. It never hurts to carry a jacket with you, because you’ll be glad you packed it if the temperatures take a sudden turn for the worst.

Find the Best Route

There are many ways you can travel across the UK. You can travel by car, train, plane or coach, which will each offer different routes and rates. While you might love nothing more than a good road trip, it might be easier, quicker and cheaper to travel by train or plane, especially on days when travel is expected to be busy due to a football match or roadworks. Review the different options and potential traffic delays to make an informed decision.

Do Your Homework

Different destinations will have different attractions that demand to be explored. The last thing you will want to do is miss out on a great landmark or activity, only to realize your mistake once you return home. Do your homework to find out what makes each city or town unique.

For instance, you can’t visit Liverpool without exploring the city’s beautiful architecture, or you wouldn’t miss a trip to Buckingham Palace in London. A little research will ensure you explore a destination’s best attractions, so you can officially tick it off your bucket list.


The UK is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world, attracting 29,300,000 people each year. The reason for its popularity is undoubtedly due to its beautiful scenery, diverse culture and unforgettable attractions. So, if you are looking for travel inspiration for your next adventure, you can trust you’ll find the ideal destination in the UK.

Do you have a favourite place to visit in the UK? Any top travel tips to share with our readers? Feel free to write a comment below.

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