Dedicated: Preparing For Summer With A Smile Makeover

Summer is here! And that means warmth, tanning safely, maybe a holiday and weekends full of adventures. Making memories is great. You can look back on it all and reminisce in years to come. And then there is the almost obligatory sharing of your summer fun on various social media platforms.

And that means photos.

Do You Dread Your Photo Being Taken?

Some people are naturally camera shy, becoming instantly self-conscious as soon as a lens is pointed in their direction. And then there are people who avoid the camera because they feel they have ‘issues’. How we look and how we feel about how we look is the foundation of our self-esteem.For many people, their confidence to ‘smile for the camera!’ is depleted by the appearance of their teeth.

But there is a solution – many solutions, in fact. Just like you get the rest of your body summer-ready, you can get your teeth summer ready too. Even better, a lot of the procedures open to you make a difference to your teeth that last well beyond the summer months.

What Is A ‘Smile Makeover’?

A smile makeover is the result of one or more affordable cosmetic procedures carried out by qualified dentists that help the appearance of your teeth. When your teeth look ‘better’, you feel better about your smile and that means restoring your self-confidence, no longer being worried or embarrassed to smile in photos. It also means a happier you all round too.

What Issues Can A Smile Makeover Deal With?

There are many issues that can stop you smiling and thus, we offer several cosmetic dentistry procedures to deal with them.

Over the years, our teeth do become stained because of the foods and drinks we consume. But there are other reasons why your teeth may be less that pearly white.

Some medications that used to be given for childhood illnesses could cause discolouration of the teeth. Trauma to the mouth – for example, from playing contact sports or being involved in an accident – can also cause some teeth to look blemished.

With professional teeth whitening, blemish and stains are lifted, revealing a brighter smile.

Do You Hate Smiling As It Reveals Crooked Or Misaligned Teeth?

Overcrowding of teeth and movement of teeth all contribute to crooked teeth but with orthodontics, even the most ‘serious’ of misalignment can be rectified. For less serious cases, it may be possible to correct it with dental veneers. Imagine your smile with straighter teeth!

Do You Have Missing Teeth, So Prefer To Smile With Your Mouth Closed?

Missing teeth happen for all kinds of reasons. Dentists sometimes remove teeth but don’t replace them or again, playing contact sports or other kinds of mouth trauma have left you with a gap.

There are solutions, such as dental implants or dental veneers can cover some smaller gaps giving you a complete smile.

Do You Feel You Have A ‘Gummy Smile’?

Some people detest smiling as they feel their smile is more gum than teeth. A lot of gum can make teeth look smaller and thus, gum contouring is the answer.

This process reshapes the contour of your natural gum line, lengthening your teeth giving a more balanced and healthy-looking smile.

Do You Prefer Not To Smile Because Of The Small Gaps Between Your Teeth?

Spaces or gaps don’t have to be because of missing teeth. Sometimes, they are part and parcel of your natural teeth and gum line but that doesn’t mean you feel any better about them. Again, dental veneers could be a great solution but also, an orthodontic team may be able to suggest a course of treatment that could deal with the spaces with a more permanent solution.

To get the best smile makeover, you need a good cosmetic dentist in London.

Find the right one for you, and you could be smiling a lot more this summer.