Dedicated: How to Save Your Marriage from Divorce

Marriage! Well, a big heavy word. It’s a package that comes with a lot of sacrifice, compromise and responsibility. By responsibility, I don’t Only mean to earn enough money to satiate your woman’s shopping needs, feed your family and care for them and be there for them. What I really mean is, it takes balls to hold it together. Trust me, the difficult most part about marriage is to hold it together, to stay put, to bear with a person for the rest of your life, no matter how annoying your spouse is, provided he isn’t a psychopath of course. In that case, you got a green light for filing a divorce.

Marriage Package:

However, being a psychopath isn’t the only terrible thing to put up with, marriage package has a lot of things in store for you. For example, your partner might be one of those who doesn’t bother if the room is strewn with clothes as long as he can still find a bed to sleep on, someone who leaves the toilet seat up, who loves partying and calling over friends but hates helping you when it’s time to clean-up, someone who is a total jerk, BUT loves you to bits. Well, now the last part makes it easy for you to cope up with pretty much anything, isn’t it? Saving your marriage is not a big, burning, hard-to-tackle. But what if things aren’t as simple as they seem! What if that hot, red-head new neighbor of yours has him drooling like a crazy teen? What if you start feeling he is no more into you now, for whatever reason? What if he for some inexplicable reason is avoiding your calls and argues with you on the pettiest of things? What if a cheating-plan is being cooked up in your partner’s evil brain? Things can get quite messy then.

I bet what everyone in the neighborhood would end up hearing then, would be the smashing and smacking sounds. Smashing everything that could possibly be smashed, one by one, from that antique vase he gifted you to the beautiful glasses you bought recently. Who the heck said Marriage is a sacred bond between man and a woman, is going to be all you’re left thinking about.

A Silver Lining:

Fret Not! There’s always a silver lining. No need to give up on your appetite, why look haggard for a thing that you can very well get back in your control again and absolutely no need to drown yourself in self-pity and lock yourself in your room like a tragic hero/heroin that’s too Mainstream, I tell you. Everything has a solution, even a broken marriage does or the one who is on the brink of breaking up. Difficult, it is, but not impossible. Impossible is to squeeze the toothpaste out on your hand and then putting it back in. Nothing else is. There are ways, rock-solid ways to deal with a broken heart or even to save a marriage after an affair.

The Golden Rules:

  1. First and foremost is to keep the hope alive in your heart. Nothing defeats you more than a lost hope. Well, when we can get things back on track why lose hope? Besides, I read somewhere and I would quote, “Hope makes you stronger…Because it’s a ‘maybe’; ‘maybe’ someday things won’t be this bad.’ And that ‘maybe’ immediately makes things better.”
  2. Never stop communicating. A lot of people tend to show their resentment by not talking to their partner, maybe they think it’s a good punishment. But I think otherwise, unless of course if your partner is a really sensitive person who actually finds it a punishment. Guys usually are relieved when you finally decide to give them a break from your constant chatter. Don’t stop communicating. Do NOT nag however. Just keep talking. If you’ve got an issue talk it through. Sort it out like mature adults. There are brilliant chances you’ll get your man back without much effort.
  3. Forgive and forget. May be forgetting part is a little ‘easier said than done’ but if a man can reach moon and can climb Everest and can spend years on a secluded island and yet survive or do even arduous things, I don’t see how he cannot forget a mistake of his partner, whom he loves dearly. It’s easier to say I’ll file for a divorce. There can be a lot of complexities for which you would need family law lawyers Sydney.

Other ways:

I don’t claim to be a relationship guru, all I said have come out of experience, and as they say experience teaches you much more than what you learn from books. You can always find books and magazines for advice or get help of a psychiatrist to counsel you about saving your marriage. But for that, keep a good sum of money aside. In fact, you should start saving it the moment you get married, “money for your divorce preparations or after-effects of marriage”. If you’re too late now, suggest this to your friends. However, if it was only about money, I would have been gracious enough to advise you to part with that money to buy peace of mind. But the trouble is, these magazines and self-help books tend to confuse you a bit more. With that said you can always get good advice from online guides.