Dedicated: Where to Shop For High-End Wardrobe Staples at Bargain Prices

There’s no good reason to spend a fortune on socks, undershirts, or any of the other stuff you wear every day. But, there’s not a good reason to shop at discount department stores, such as Walmart or Kmart, for these items either. You can have fashionable, name-brand wardrobe staples without overspending. The following is your guide for ensuring the things you wear everyday are fashionable, comfortable, and affordable.


It can be tempting to both over- and under-spend on eyewear. Designer sunglasses can cost more than your smart watch, and lower-end sunglasses can be purchased for five dollars from a drugstore kiosk. Neither is balanced enough to suit your needs, but a new company promises high-end sunglasses at bargain prices. Privé Revaux Eyewear presently offers hundreds of pairs of handcrafted and polarized shades for just $29.95 a pair.

That’s a steal considering these are truly designer sunglasses. The company, founded and conceptualized by David Schottenstein, features several celebrity partners. This includes menswear fashion icons, Jamie Foxx and Jeremy Piven. Both men model the sunglasses and played a role in their design. Schottenstein told Forbes that he came up with the idea because it had “become impossible for consumers to buy high-quality, well-made sunglasses without overspending.”


Socks should do three things: keep your feet dry, keep them warm, and add a bit a flair to your feet. The last thing, the fashionable thing, shouldn’t matter so much as the others; however, a bit of style on your feet is fun and entertaining. At the very least, it’s a cute conversation at a dinner party where shoes aren’t allowed.

The thing a pair of socks should ever do is cost you a small fortune, but a single pair of Barney’s New York ankle socks can currently run you $25. A package of Alexander McQueen mid-calf socks costs $80 right now. Although these socks are comfortable and made from the best materials, they’re way overpriced. To get similar quality, consider joining a sock of the month club. These clubs curate and significantly discount designer socks. Or, look to sites like Amazon and, where designer items are greatly reduced in price.


According to, a leading resource on fashionable menswear, women prefer white undershirts on dudes and Fruit of the Loom still makes the best V-neck undershirts. There’s no reason to even consider going higher-end when the classic brand is still considered the best. “While this cotton-blend (with 10-percent polyester) is rougher than more expensive models, the shape through the arms, shoulder, torso, and neck is among the best on the market. A classic, but upgraded.”


Designer belts are cool fashion statements. Some feature gaudy buckles, others are more subdued. Some are appropriate for suits, others are made to hold up jeans. They’re fun, they can be funky, and they cost a fortune. According to Men’s Style Australia, the world’s most expensive belt is Roland Iten’s Calibre R822 Predator which costs a whopping $550,000. In general, designer belts cost nowhere near that amount, but they can run into the hundreds.

To save money, don’t go to designer. Opt for quality rather than brand names and you’ll bring the price down a ton. It’s important to remember that “price does not dictate quality.” Shop thrifty by shopping red tag sales and charity shops. Even second-hand sources, such as eBay, are going to have what you want at prices that are more affordable. If the previous owner kept the item in good condition, no one is going to know you bought it second hand.

Overall, saving money is all about skillful buying. If you shop at the right places at the right time, you can get what you want for less. Fashion isn’t about what you spend; rather, it’s about what you wear and how you wear it. You don’t have to shop at bargain outlets to find a bargain, and you can look like a Rockstar without overspending.