Dedicated: When to Start Using Eye Cream

There’s no real guide to skincare. Growing up, while your skin is young and fresh, skincare is pretty far from the forefront of your mind. What is there to worry about, right? It isn’t until we actually start seeing signs of aging that we jump on the skincare bandwagon. (Despite our mothers telling us to start anti-aging serums at 19! If I could tuuuurn back time…)

But where do you even start when trying to figure out what skincare needs you have? How do you know if you need eye cream or serums? Or both?!

You never know what your skin is going to like until you understand what your skin needs. If you don’t know your skin type, there are many indicators you can look for. Most importantly, pay attention to your skin. Paula’s Choice suggests you wash your face completely and then wait for two hours. At that time, you should be able to determine your skin type based on how it looks and feels.

The most obvious skincare rule is: use it daily. Whether you’re using Rodan and Fields eye cream, drugstore eye cream, or something else, use it at least at night before bed. The key to good skincare is consistency. Fair-weather skincare doesn’t produce results, so be sure you’re using it regularly and paying attention to results.

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Spot treatments are available for  dry patches, blemishes, and puffiness, but you need something dedicated to hydrating your eyes. Depending on your age, there may be an eye cream formula that is more appropriate for you. For instance, people with concern about fine lines and wrinkles should consider something like Lifecell anti aging cream which will address those issues.

You might wonder whether or not younger women should use eye cream, and to many dermatologists, the answer is yes. Or more specifically, “why not?” Someone who is younger might want to focus on keeping skin de-puffed and protected from UV damage as opposed to lines and wrinkles. Sun damage can do a number on your skin, and everyone – men included! – should be doing everything in their power to protect their skin.

There’s a perfect product for almost everyone, and if you’re taking a larger interest in your under-eye area, there’s one for you, too – no matter how old you are!