Dedicated: How to Stay Warm During Cold Winter Months

Although the best holidays are in the winter, the cold can be unforgiving. However, you do not need to wear the puffiest jacket that you own at all times. You can dress up in layers and still be fashionable while keeping warm.

Wear packable jackets or vests

Although most people prefer pea coats, they are not warm enough to keep the cold at bay all through winter. You can wear a lightweight down jacket beneath your pea coat to maintain its formal style and shape. A down jacket has better insulation than a pea coat and is easier to compress.

If you want to keep your torso warm without looking too puffy in the arm region, you should wear a vest. On the coldest days, you can wear a sweater underneath your down vest and a pea coat over them to finish the look.

Wear runner’s tights

If you like wearing long underwear in the winter, then you already know that adding a layer beneath your clothes works just as well as adding one over them. If you want to keep your legs as warm as possible, you should wear a pair of runner’s tights under your pants. You could also opt for thermal underwear but it might not fit as well under your pants.

Wear earmuffs

Although winter headgear is a bit off-putting, you should at least consider keeping your ears toasty. While it is possible to protect your neck from the elements by wearing scarves, most people forget about the ears. To keep your ears warm, you do not have to mess your hair up by wearing big hats.

You should opt for a pair of slim earmuffs to lessen the bulk that winter clothes add to your frame. Choose a pair that can easily fit inside your bag to make it easier to carry.

Keep your feet and hands warm

When it gets too cold, your body prioritizes your organs and keeps them warm first, leaving your extremities vulnerable to the cold. To protect them, you should add a layer or two of clothing to your outfit. Although mittens come in handy during the fall, they will not suffice in the winter: you need full winter gloves that will keep your hands warm even in freezing temperatures.

Your footwear should also be insulated. Ideally, they need to be big enough so that you can wear them with a pair of thick wool socks. You might think that wearing desert boots in the winter is a good idea but it is not because they lack the traction and waterproof features that winter boots have.

If your workplace requires you to wear formal shoes, you should consider wearing shoe protectors such as galoshes to avoid carrying two pairs of shoes.

Keep your face covered

Any part of your skin that is not covered will lose heat, leaving you feeling colder. If your face is exposed, the cold might be hard to endure. Luckily, you do not have to walk outside wearing a ski mask and looking like you are about to rob someone.

You should consider wearing a mask that is specially made for the cold weather. Although you might look a bit strange, you will come to appreciate the extra warmth it brings on chilly days.

Carry a blanket

During the winter, it might start snowing unexpectedly and you will feel as if you are wearing nothing. According to the owners of Waverley Mills Wool Blankets, carrying a lightweight but warm wool blanket in your bag will ensure that you stay warm. Moreover, it will keep you from wearing too many layers in the morning and looking bulky.