Dedicated: Staying Occupied While Staying Inside

The end of January marks the continuation of more winter. Spring feels so far away, but I know it’ll be here (and gone) before I know it. I’m still stuck inside in order to keep myself from getting sick, so activities I can do with my family and friends are keeping me sane. 

These three are my “I’m out of ideas” go-to activities to hold my attention and pass the time in the evening, or on a Sunday afternoon. There’s even a little bit of gambling involved… What could be more fun?!

Grab a Book

Books and winter go hand in hand! Every year around this time, I get hungry for a new story. Thanks to my Kindle, I can find tons of great books online for almost nothing.

I also use Goodreads to find the best books. There, I can follow my friends and family to see what they’re reading, and read reviews of books they’ve already read. It’s a fantastic way to keep up with fellow book-lovers and pick up new ideas.

Get into a Game

While video games might have the center stage of the world of games, board games have been getting just as complex and interesting by the wayside. 

Head to a local board game store to check out the newest releases. There are games that the whole family will enjoy, or get a high-level strategy game for the adults. Either way, board games will bring you and your loved ones closer together while the weather is nasty outside.

Board games are also a great excuse for snacks.

Learn to Gamble

Okay – hear me out. One of my favorite past times is playing card games with my uncles in the winter time. They’d have a glass of whiskey or something, and I’d have hot cocoa. As I got older, I would progress from Go Fish to Texas Hold ‘Em, and I fell in love with gambling card games. 

Now, I’m looking at playing card games online. You could play around on a gaming website until you feel comfortable depositing any money. Plus, sometimes casinos gives lottery tickets to players who hesitate to make a deposit or haven’t visited a gaming website for a long time. This could work to your benefit! Try this site:

Some gaming websites offer a signup bonus that amounts to 30-50% of your deposit. Such bonuses feature milder play-through requirements. Here you have a real chance to cash in on bonuses and winnings from the casino system.

These three projects are a great start on your “it’s freezing outside” activity list. Certainly there are tons of great ways to spend your time inside in the wintertime, but these three are classics. Leave your favorite indoor winter activities in the comments!

Probably watching Netflix.