Dedicated: Tips to Help Him Be More Fashionable

When you start dating someone, you are often in a honeymoon stage where many of their little quirks do not bother you much. As time passes, little things that may not have bothered you in the beginning may start to bother you more and more. One aspect of life that may bother you greatly is his fashion sense, or lack thereof.

There are many men who do not know the first thing about fashion and need a helping hand to guide them toward the best looks for them. If you feel that your boyfriend needs a bit of assistance when it comes to dressing his best, use the following guide to learn a few tips to help improve his overall look without making him feel uncomfortable or insecure.

Start with Small Changes

You do not want to overwhelm your boyfriend by attempting to change his complete look all at once. It is best to start off with just a few changes at first. You could try buying him a few shirts that do not have team emblems or logos on them. Just a few solid colored t-shirts can serve as a great addition to his wardrobe.

Add Looks That Can Serve Dual Purposes

Another great way to make the most of your boyfriend’s wardrobe and give it a more sophisticated look is to add dress shirts to it. A performance dress shirt can be worn with a pair of jeans or with a nice pair of khakis and look great. They are made from easy to care for material so that they can easily be thrown in the wash for a quick cleaning when needed. Also, they are wrinkle resistant so that your boyfriend does not have to spend time ironing them before he wears them. They are the perfect attire for even the busiest man.


Help Find Which Fit Is Best

When you go shopping with your boyfriend, be sure to have him try on a few different fits to see which one fits his body shape the best. There are many men who do not realize that pants come in different fits and that one may be a better fit for him based on his stature than another fit. After trying on a few different fits, styles, and colors, your boyfriend should quickly be able to choose which pants make him feel the most confident and comfortable.

Invest in Comfortable, Stylish Shoes

Being able to be confident in an outfit requires your boyfriend to also be comfortable in it. Wearing uncomfortable shoes is a deterrent from wearing them again. It is best to help your boyfriend find a pair of shoes that are comfortable and stylish at the same time. As with all things clothing wise, it is all about trying things out to see what works best. With something as important as shoes, investing in a high-quality pair is well worth the money. If you get something cheap, they’re bound to lose their comfort quickly or fall apart.

Once your boyfriend knows what looks good on him, he should be able to start shopping for himself to express himself in a way that he feels most comfortable. It is important to realize that a transformation will not take place overnight and that starting off with small changes at first can help ensure the result is as fashionable as possible.