Dedicated: Tips to Revitalise Your Skin

Achieving smooth and healthy skin is the goal of a great many of us but it isn’t always so straightforward. Especially with the strains of modern life, sometimes you just can’t avoid the harsh weather that will negatively affect your skin.

With hundreds of supposed ways of treating your skin online and it’s best to get some solid advice from a trusted source.

Laser Treatment Clinic bring you just a few of their ways that you can revitalise your skin along with some natural and botanical products that could help you out.

Eat Healthy

As with everything else to do with our bodies, eating healthy is a great way to get great and natural skin. Without an overabundance of fats, sugars and salts, our body can have a long and lasting life.

Try sticking to whole grains and complex carbohydrates such as whole wheat pasta and brown rice, which allow the fatty acids to help keep your skin smooth. Taking care of your liver is vital too, to ensure that your skin stays hydrated, so try to avoid excess amounts of alcohol on a regular basis.

Make sure to aim for your 5 a day, snack on a few fruits during work hours and try to include some form of veg into your main meals. You’ll be helping your skin out a lot by providing it with vitamin C which will give it a tighter and fresher look.


Relaxing after a stressful day of work is essential to both your physical and mental wellbeing. Without it, you’ll be mentally strained and be unable to complete certain tasks and lack energy, along with that you’ll see physical changes too.

Your skin will be noticeably different when your stress levels are high for a sustained period. Try to avoid this by having regular daily relaxation times, after work or on your lunch hour.

Get Enough Sleep

Getting the correct amount of sleep is vital for your body, it gives your body the time it needs to repair and rest from a hard day’s work. Without much sleep, you’ll start seeing signs such as bags under the eyes, more wrinkles and brighter skin.

It’s advised you get around 7-8 hours of sleep a night to ensure that your body has time to rest. This also applies to the quality of sleep you’re receiving, if you’re waking up every few hours or so it will reduce your health over a long period of time as your body plays catch up. This in turn will show in the quality of your skin,

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Try Some Natural Products

Using some natural marine and botanical ingredients on your skin can have wonderful effects. Utilising such products as Wakame Sea Kelp and Marine Plant Extract it’s proven to provide you with amazing, glowing and youthful looking skin.

Wakame Sea Kelp

Rich in vitamins as well as calcium, sodium, iron and potassium, Wakame Sea Kelp has helped break down hyaluronic acid, providing you with a softer and smoother skin. Hyaluronic acid is one of the main ingredients in our skin, providing skin structure and cushioning, making it firmer.

Marine Plant Extract

Possessing various qualities that help protect the skin against radical attack and against degradation. Stimulating glycosaminoglycans that is more suited towards firming of the skin and anti-ageing.


Squalane has a natural affinity with the skin, being extracted from pure olive oil. Applied to the skin it help prevent water loss and will avoid situations where your skin dries out. Resulting in you having to put on another product to try and revitalise it again.

These are just a few natural products that can use on your skin to keep it smooth and youthful, applied regularly can have wonderful effects.