Digital Friday: Beauty News & The Makeup Breakup

Beauty News & The Makeup Breakup sounds like an awesome, all-girl surf rock band, but it’s actually a brilliant YouTube channel started by Australia-based BFFs Hailey O’Bryen and Kat Wilson. In addition to reporting on the latest in, well, beauty news, they also explore the true value behind the makeup we buy through their weekly shows, The Makeup Breakup and Makeup Breakdown. Mix that valuable info with tons of jokes and copious swearing and you have Beauty News.

If you’ve ever been watching CNN and wished that everyone would just slowly start talking about beauty products with the same level of dedication as the daily news, this is for you. These two gals have clearly done their homework, because there is a side of Beauty News for pretty much everyone.

Beauty News Recurring Series

Nothing is more of a bummer than a great YouTube channel that doesn’t update regularly. This is not an issue for the Beauty News duo.

Three (four, really – could even be considered five) recurring series provide the content on the Beauty News channel. Videos are uploaded every week, each “show” offering a different consumer perspective on the world of beauty, skincare, and makeup. Each series has a clear purpose and each video delivers interesting information that’s valuable to nearly every beauty consumer.

Seriously, everyone who buys makeup can benefit from the analysis provided and experiments performed (yes, really) by Beauty News.

Weekly Beauty News + Updates

This now weekly news show is basically a look at the upcoming releases from the beauty community’s favorite brands. Beauty News includes everything from high end luxury brands to teeny-tiny indie brands who are making waves with popular products.

Hailey and Kat go brand by brand, product by product as they cover the newly announced product releases and debuts. Leaked photos, brand releases, and copious swatch pictures are included so you feel completely filled in by the end of each feature. This isn’t a rinky-dink beauty mention, though – this is approximately one hour of content each week covering everything from new lipstick shades at the drugstore to high end luxury releases.

There’s no mincing words with these gals, either! If they think something is a gimmick, you’ll hear about it. If a product seems cheap or is marketed poorly, no one will hold back from sharing their opinion – and I love it! It’s so nice to take a break from feeling like everyone is selling something to you, you know? (PS Don’t forget to read all of my blog and click on all of the links. Thx.)

Of course, no good news show is without its juicy drama! Brands Behaving Badly is a regular segment featuring real-life bloopers from beauty industry leaders. They have good dirt, and the receipts to back it up!

Since the world of beauty moves quickly, they’ve added an additional Monday Update to the Beauty News report. Filming their main news segment early in the week then posting on Friday means that there is nearly a week of missed time. A quick update on Monday fills that gap with minimal time loss.

Tune in on Friday and Monday for your Beauty News-flavored industry insight.

Makeup Breakdown

As the newest show in Beauty News’ lineup, Makeup Breakdown is where you’ll find traditional reviews and demonstrations of makeup products.

Of course, nothing on Beauty News is without its cleverness, so they’ve spanned the reviews and demos of the products over the weekend – the review on Saturday done by Kat, and the demonstrations of the products on Sunday by Hailey.

This is a brand spanking new series – like last weekend was the first one new! I’m excited to see where they go with this series, though, because Kat’s a crazy-good reviewer who I fully trust and Hailey always has incredible eye looks that I want to recreate. This series is a perfect marriage of their best skills!

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The Makeup Breakup

The Makeup Breakup turned out to be Beauty News’ most controversial content. It started as half curiosity, half desire to check beauty company claims when it came to product weight.

Long story short, they meticulously destroy brand new makeup products (that’s the fun part) and then weigh the contents to see if the actual weight is the same as the weight stated on the products. Sometimes, the results are very, very surprising…

Some viewers interpreted this series as an insult directed towards the brands that Beauty News was destroying, where in reality it’s more of a checks & balances system for consumers. Plus, the majority of the time, they are able to re-pot the destroyed makeup and use it just as they would if it were new and un-destroyed. They even show you how to do it in case you can’t resist destroying some of your own makeup! It’s definitely satisfying to watch, I bet it’s even more satisfying to perform…

So far, they’ve destroyed Morphe palettes, that weird Lancome highlighter flower, an Anastasia Beverly Hills highlighter palette, stick foundations, Colourpop products… The list goes on!

The surprises come when you see which brands include an abundance of product (Colourpop, for instance, had almost 2g of extra product in some of their products!) and which brands give you less than what the package states. The more you know! ?

Beauty News Facebook Group

The cool, community-focused aspect of Beauty News is really what sets it apart from other channels on YouTube. Beauty News runs two Facebook groups, Beauty News and Not Beauty News, with a total of over 1800 members across each.

Beauty News, the Facebook group, is like a real-time ticker tape of new makeup releases. This is where Kat and Hailey get a large amount of their leads and information which fuels the heavy research they do for each weekly news report.

Not Beauty News is a general beauty community where members share daily makeup looks, hauls, and trade tips. It’s cute! None of that crap is allowed in the Beauty News community in order to preserve its efficiency.

It’s incredible how active and informed the members of this group are. Some are industry professionals with PR hookups, but others are just hardcore enthusiasts who track their favorite brands’ every move, screen-shotting and reporting as they go.

The community surrounding this channel and notion is fantastic, and the useful information they provide is well-packaged and fun. If you are looking for a lead into the wild world of beauty, Beauty News is your ticket.

Check out Beauty News on YouTube here!

As you’ve probably noticed, I love writing about BFFs. Maybe it’s because I absolutely love working with my own BFFs. Hailey and Kat each had their own individual channels for years, reviewing makeup, sharing beauty looks, and decluttering/panning projects.

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