Dozens of Products Under $2 in e.l.f.’s Sale Section

Sure, we might have just posted about e.l.f. products two days ago (#notspon, I swear), but I wouldn’t double down if it weren’t of grave importance. There are so many things under $2 in e.l.f. cosmetics’ sale section that it warrants immediate attention. We’re talking tinted lip balms for 80¢, liquid highlights for $1, makeup removing wipes for 80¢… There’s even an entire lip kit for $2! This sale section is my new vacation home.

e.l.f. sales test your fortitude as a shopper. Their prices are so low to begin with that seeing a major discount resulting in a price that equates a few coins is jarring. Unexpectedly jarring. Adrenaline is pumping because there are tons of things on sale, but you constantly have to remind yourself – this isn’t a scam. I am not getting phished. These are actual makeup products and those 4.5 star reviews are from actual people. Just keep repeating it to yourself as a mantra and stay strong.

As always, e.l.f. products are totally cruelty-free, vegan, and partners with HSUS and Caring Consumer Project. Okay, time to dig around and see what we can find…

Lip Kiss Lip Balm in Berry Sweet, $2 $0.80; Essential Lipstick in Posh, $1 $0.40

First thing I notice in this end of season sale: lip products. There are lots and lots of them. Lip glosses, lip balms, lip stains – even a two-step liquid lipstick snuck in there. Clea

Hypershine Lip Gloss in Joy, $1 $0.40; Jumbo Lip Gloss Stick in Pink Umbrellas, $2 $0.80 
Essential Lip Stain, $2 $0.80; Studio Lip Balm SPF 15, $3 $1.20

Clearly they’re aggressively pushing pink lips for spring. They seriously have every finish for a lipstick that you could imagine.

This sale is a great place to jump on a trend or new beauty product that you are maybe a little intimidated by. The prices are low, the investment is nearly non-existent, and you can try it in the comfort of your own bathroom, by yourself, alone.

My big’n’scary item? Liquid blush. It’s the Miranda Priestly of makeup, for me, and the fact that I barely know how to use powder blush compounds my fears. e.l.f. has a big ol’ bottle of blush waiting for me, and it comes in two colors so I can turn myself into a middle-aged cherub with variety.

HD Liquid Blush, $3 $1.20

Doesn’t that look like a lot of blush? It’s really pink. Is it getting hot in here? We need to move on otherwise I’m going to get blush fever dreams again tonight.

Stuff is already starting to disappear from the sale, so hop on over to scope out the goods before they’re gone!

e.l.f.’s End of Season Sale is on now! 

Probably watching Netflix.

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