Early Black Friday: 40% Off at BH Cosmetics

Late last night, BH Cosmetics innocuously sent out an email announcing their Early Black Friday sale and the entire site* is 40% off. Originally, the sale was only 24 hours, but then BH blew another innocuous email into our accounts telling us that they’ve extended the sale another 48 hours.

*If you’re excited about the Carli Bybel palettes, Shaaanxo palettes, or the Take Me to Brazil palette – they’re almost never on sale. BH is protective as hell over their collaboration makeup, but they will give you free shipping on it – and that’s not nothing! Plus, Ebates will give you 5% cash back on every BH Cosmetics order, so that’s like getting 45% off!

If you’ve never tried BH Cosmetics before, you might be skeptical – that’s good! You should make every brand impress you, and BH definitely will.

I’ve reviewed the BH Galaxy Chic palette (only $9.59 in this sale), which is great, and have a small collection of vegan BH Cosmetics brushes that I honestly love. Next week, I’ll be releasing my second BH review, the Smokey 28 palette, and spoiler alert: it’s also great.

While I haven’t tried any of their foundations, concealers, or lip products, but I hear really great things about their concealer, and they have endless makeup brushes to choose from, too.

This is such a good sale, it’d be downright irresponsible of me not to pick up some things that have been sitting on my wish list for weeks. If you need some shopping inspiration or some good intro-to-BH suggestions, look no further.

My Top 10 Picks from the Early Black Friday Sale at BH Cosmetics

1. Classic Blush Palette, $9.99 $5.99

Regular blush scares me. I mean, this is also “regular blush,” but they 10 shades in the Classic Blush palette are more muted, soft, and natural…ish. Pale skin doesn’t take to blush very well, but the softer colors in these will blend easily into any skin tone.

2. Essential 7 Piece Eye Brush Set, $9.99 $5.99

Despite the incredibly low price of these brushes, they are solid staples of every makeup kit. BH has several lines of brushes, and these are the “Essentials” for obvious reasons. They’re basic black with a gold ferrule and soft, cruelty-free bristles. I don’t have this kit, specifically, but I truly need that white-headed pencil brush, and I never have enough fluffs!

3. 26 Blushed Neutrals Eyeshadow and Blush Palette, $14.99 $8.99

Yep, this is still on my wish list almost a year after I posted it as a good dupe for the ABH Modern Renaissance palette. This palette has such a great mix of shimmers, metallic shades and mattes that I feel like – with maybe the addition of a matte highlight shade – might be a good travel palette! There are some really vibrant loud colors, but you could also make a

4. Studio Pro Total Coverage Concealer, $5.99 $3.59

Like I mentioned, this stuff gets really good reviews and it’s under $4. They have tons of shades, including color-correcting shades, and word on the street is that you need very little of this product to get decent coverage, so that $4 is going to last a long, long time. Like everything on this planet, there aren’t enough deep shades available, but they do have a few.

5. Studio Pro Waterproof Tinted Brow Pomade, $8.99 $5.39

In a recent review by RawKristiBeauty on Youtube, this was compared to ABH Dipbrow in a very, very convincing manner. It’s not as opaque as Dipbrow, but the texture of this stuff and the payoff is downright similar. There are six shades, including a good, warm, redhead shade and some nice, greyed-out browns.

6. Solar Flare Eyeshadow Palette, $15.99 $9.59

This is the sequel to the Galaxy Chic palette and features 18 impressively good shadows. Each pan is recessed and the shadows are pressed into domes so you can add a tiny bit of water directly to the pan (if you want) to get insane color and shimmer payoff. I usually end up wetting my brush and dipping in, but the recession catches any fallout that would otherwise leave your palette super messy. Look at these colors, though! It’s like the UD Naked Heat or Tarte Toasted palettes on shimmer steroids.

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7. Bronze Paradise Eyeshadow & Bronzer Palette, $11.99 $7.19

Combination palettes can be really weird and disjointed, but this eyeshadow and bronzer palette is totally cohesive! The shadows all go really nicely with one another, and that bronzer looks dark, but ideally it would be sheer enough to build up to varying levels of darkness on different skin tones. Same with the highlight, but I love that these all come together in one palette. Speaking of, the palette is actually really gorgeous and gives off a vintage-y, expensive vibe.

8. Wild & Alluring Baked Eyeshadow Palette, $11.99 $7.19

If you weren’t thwarted with temptation by the Solar Flare palette, this will surely bring you to your knees. The Wild & Alluring palette is full of crazy-looking baked eyeshadows with swirls and veins running through them. My Galaxy Chic palette has a few of these, and you’ll be shocked at how gorgeous the colors are – and no, they aren’t all predictable! The two larger pans on the right are allegedly a blush and bronzer, but I just see more eyeshadows…

9. Vegan Blending Brush, $3.99 $2.39

This was the first makeup brush that I ever bought from BH Cosmetics, and I was floored by how good it was. I have brushes from everywhere – Morphe, Royal & Langnickel, EcoTools… and they were all more expensive than BH, but this little guy outperformed even my most expensive brushes! Super soft, moderately stiff, and I only had to reglue the ferrule once. (Hey, if you don’t want to buy $80 Hakuho-do brushes, you gotta be ready to superglue.)

10. Studio Pro Ultimate Brow Palette, $16.99 $10.19

If you are serious about brows – not like “I like my brows to look good” but like “50% of my getting ready time is spent on my brows and I use four different products on them” – you need this. It’s a palette full of 12 brow pomades in different natural colors. There are four waxes along the bottom, and then eight powder shades in the top two rows. You will be able to create perfect brows on yourself or anyone else, regardless of their coloring, and that’s a brow junkie’s dream come true.

Those are my top ten products from the BH Cosmetics Early Black Friday sale, but their inventory is so expansive that you should really just head over to their site and see for yourself!

The sale ends at midnight tonight Nope, it sure doesn’t! BH Cosmetics extended this sale for another 48 hours, so the current expiration is Sunday 11/12 at midnight. So if you fill up your cart, don’t forget to check out before the sale ends! And definitely don’t forget to activate your 5% cash back from Ebates!