The e.l.f. ACTIVE Collection is Meant for Your Gym Bag

Some people observe others wearing makeup at the gym and conjure up words like “vanity” or “insecurity” – even “thirsty” – when it’s truly just a matter of comfort and/or preference. Millions of people wear makeup to the gym, all with varying degrees of glamour. Some only wear eyeliner while others rock a full beat, complete with falsies and liquid lip. e.l.f. is clearly paying attention because they just released an entire beauty collection called e.l.f. ACTIVE, meant specifically for athletes and gym rats.

I say, if you want to wear makeup to the gym, more power to you. As someone who hasn’t stepped foot into an actual gym in 3 years, I am in no place to criticize or judge other people for what they wear to a place I’m way too lazy to go to.

Personal opinion aside, though, there are some dermatological reasons to pay attention to your workout beauty routine. The opinions of skin and makeup specialists are widely varied, with some makeup artists calling gym-makeup “a crime” while others adopt a more loose gym makeup policy. There is one consensus among the skincare masses, though: no foundation, please!

It’s not hard to figure out why foundation is the most problematic makeup product you could wear while working out. Primers, on the other hand, were commonly cited as replacements for the more pigmented foundation or concealer. After all, a good blurring effect is always appreciated, right?

The e.l.f. ACTIVE collection only includes three pigmented products out of seven total (only five of which are available for purchase right now). The leaders in the collection are clear, solid sticks and waterproof, sweat-proof eye makeup. I predict that there will be more additions to the e.l.f. ACTIVE line down the road. First of all, there is a sunscreen stick with SPF 50 featured in the collection photo, but it isn’t listed online anywhere.

Here are all of the products in the e.l.f. ACTIVE Collection:

e.l.f Post-Workout Body Cleansing Wipes

A pack of 20 aloe-infused cleansing wipes is a great gym bag addition! I don’t know if these wipes are the same size as regular makeup removing wipes, but I’m guessing that they are. For only $3, these are an affordable way to protect yourself from post-gym time emergencies!

Personally, there would also be a pack of these stashed in my car, my work bag, and let’s be real – my purse. If you’re a workout monster, e.l.f. suggests throwing these in the refrigerator first for an extra-refreshing, potentially life-altering blast.

e.l.f. Sweat Resistant Mascara & Brow Duo

Now this is something I could actually see myself starting to use when I work out. I am a sweaty beast when I exercise, and sometimes my eyebrows get crazy. With one side of the duo featuring a clear brow gel and the other a waterproof mascara – this could be a staple for gym days and non-gym days. Mascara offers just enough definition that I wouldn’t feel like I was overdoing it while working out.

e.l.f. Post-Workout Cool Down Mist

This misty spray can be used on top of or beneath other makeup, and surprisingly doesn’t include any aloe like the other refreshing ____ product in the line. Instead of aloe, this spray includes licorice root extract and jojoba esters to condition and cool skin. $8 is a hefty price tag for an e.l.f. product, especially for a 2.7 fl.oz. e.l.f. product.

e.l.f. Workout Ready Lip & Cheek Palette

Here’s the big beauty item in the e.l.f. ACTIVE Collection. A four-pan lip and cheek palette featuring three rose-to-red shades and one shimmering highlight shade. Obviously, these are cream products, and the description of the product mentions “sweatproof” but not “waterproof.” That makes me wonder how the formula would perform on a set of sweaty cheeks or some grimacing deadlift mouths.

On the upside, it claims that the formula is breathable and won’t clog your pores! If you can’t wait to get to the gym to put a flush in your cheeks (or maybe your natural flush doesn’t match your sports bra or whatever), please try this and tell me about it.

e.l.f. Workout-Ready Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil
*Not yet available

This is your standard, waterproof, cream eyeliner pencil. Everyone should have one! It looks like it’s self-sharpening, but the product description says “sharpen as needed.” The whole idea of this collection seems to be “just throw it in your bag!” so having a self-sharpening pencil would be the most logical inclusion.

I could potentially see myself throwing a little smudge of this on the outer edge of my lash line… Currently, I don’t have a waterproof cream or pencil liner, and I think that my waterline would hugely benefit from one.

e.l.f. Blend It Out Silicone Sponge Duo

Last and most definitely least: another f&#king silicone blender. You guys, I cannot stand these things. The fact that there are silicone sponges in this collection annoys me so much. Is e.l.f. trying to imply that you should apply the lip and cheek palette with these things? Give me a freakin’ break. The worst part is that e.l.f. suggests you put sunscreen on with these things. (The sunscreen that isn’t out yet? /sass) The only point they maybe have is that you won’t pick up any dirt, sweat or debris when applying products to sweaty, dirty skin (why would you ever?). No. Thank. You.

Despite the last/least, overall the e.l.f. ACTIVE Collection has intrigued me! I’m really eager to learn more about the products that haven’t been introduced yet (like that SPF stick) and might also have to try one of the hydrating products.

Out of the colorful, pigmented items in the collection, I think the brow/mascara duo is brilliant. It fits perfectly into the “active” theme with actually practical applications. I’m also interested in the waterproof eyeliner pencil and may pick it up when it goes live. The cheek and lip palette seems cool, but it doesn’t strike me as a product that could really improve my experience. Like I mentioned, my cheeks flush naturally at the gym. Additionally, I feel like any lip color I tried to wear would likely just be eaten off in a matter of minutes.

Probably watching Netflix.

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