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Have you ever come to a hair salon with a photo of your favorite celebrity and asked your barber to do the exact haircut, but then wondering why those bangs looked so pretty on Kerry Washington and don’t fit you?

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So I’ll tell you what, it isn’t because of your barber and it isn’t because Kerry has a team of great stylists at her beck and call. No, no, no… Maybe the reason is very trivial, just bangs don’t fit your face shape and that’s all.

The issue of choosing a perfect haircut for the face shape is actually very timely today as this topic was considered at the 18th International Conference in Klagenfurt, Australia where the scientists presented a new example-based framework for creating suitable hairstyle for a definite face shape and they also developed a special application on the mobile terminals where everyone can easily retrieve the fitting hairstyle before going to a hair salon by taking a photo of herself with a camera on the mobile phone and then just show it to a barber.

Of course, you can find and use this cool application. But here I also would like to help you find your perfect hairstyle for your face shape. If you follow my advice you’ll always look gorgeous and chic even without your own personal hair stylist and modern apps.   

Figure Out Your Face Shape

So I want to ask you a simple question: what is your face shape? Most of you answer “oval” or “round.” This is the most common mistake that you often make! You determine your face shape incorrectly, that`s why you choose such hairstyle that doesn’t hide your flaws, but rather, stresses them.

Pay attention that besides oval and round face shapes there are four other ones: long or oblong, square, diamond and heart-shaped. By the way, the research in nonverbal communication has shown that the shape of your face can say a lot about you. If you want to know what secrets your face can conceal click here

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The best way to figure out your face shape is to trace the outline of your face. You can take a lip pencil and draw the outline of your face (here you should clearly see your jaw line, length and width of your face and, of course, your hairline that`s why don`t forget to pull your hair back). The last step here is to compare your outline with the handy guide that you can see below and now determine your facial shape.

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When you know exactly what face shape you are and it won’t be so difficult to find the best hairstyle for you!

Hairstyles For Round Faces

The girls with round face commonly have a bit wider forehead and chin and slightly wider cheekbones – almost the same in width and length face. But don’t worry, that’s not a big problem. The main thing here is to avoid one length haircuts.

Pay attention to long layered bob that will fall below your chin, mid-length layered haircuts or a high ponytail (visually such haircuts will elongate your face and make it more oval). Side or exaggerated bangs also flatter your features. A short pixie haircut with volume at the top also fit you well. A deep side part helps you to create more angles to a round face. Curls and waves will make your look fabulous as well as straight hair.

Hairstyles For Oval Faces

Those girls who have an oval face you are lucky ones! You can wear any hairstyle what you want! It’s very hard to be wrong as an oval face has a perfect bone structure: the length is a bit longer than the width, the jawline is slightly narrower than the hairline. All you need is to decide how to highlight your look with a chic hairstyle.

I think among a huge choice of haircuts A-line bobs, side-swept bangs, various updos or cute long layered haircuts with bangs fit brilliantly the owners of an oval face.

Hairstyles For Long Faces

For girls whose face is long, I can recommend chin-length hairstyles because they will create the illusion of width for your face as here your main goal is to make your face looks wider than it really is. So in any case, don’t wear long haircuts. They will make your face even more elongated. You can add volume to your hair styling curls or waves.

Hairstyles For Diamond Faces

When you’re widest at your cheekbones but your forehead and chin are the same length (narrower the cheeks) you’ve got a diamond face shape. Here you should minimize your wider cheeks and stress a small chin. Chin or shoulder length bob cuts, hairstyles with straight across bangs and hairstyles that tuck in behind the ears work well with this face shape and make the face appear longer. But avoid middle parts and short haircuts with height top.

Hairstyles For Square Faces

If your face is square – the forehead, cheekbones and jawline are almost the same length – the haircuts with asymmetrical or graduated layers and angled bobs work well for your face type. You also can experiment with curls. Don’t be afraid of sleek ponytails and buns as they stress you cool chin. But avoid solid bangs and blunt haircuts because they stress the angles of your face and you need the opposite effect!

Hairstyles For Heart-Shaped Faces

If you’re heart-shaped you should never stress your chin and try always to add extra volume to the top section of your hair. Please avoid slicked back and choppy layered hairstyles, ponytails and braids! Short haircuts, high top knots, space buns are the best choice for you. You also can wear brow-skimming or side-swept bangs, deep side part with loose curls to emphasize your beautiful eyes and feminine face shape.

So have you determined what face shape do you have? Share with me what hairstyle you’ve picked. I’ll be waiting…