NYX Lip Lingerie Sale: Get 2 for $10

If the posts on my blog reflected the products I thought about most often, approximately 40% of it would be about NYX Lip Lingerie liquid lipsticks. The rest would be a smattering of boots, sunscreen and cake.

Ever since I first saw NYX Lip Lingerie, I’ve both coveted and collected it. (By “collect” I mean I bought two.) Do I want all of them? HECK YEAH I DO, but at $7 each with 24 shades – that’s not an option. When I was originally struggling with not buying all of them, there were only 12 shades to choose from. Now they’ve added everything from a beautiful warm baby peach to a deep, smoky grey-taupe (graupe?) shade that I am scared of but also want.

Between now and Sunday (7/16/2017), you get get two NYX Lip Lingerie liquid lipsticks for $10. That’s $4 off! There’s a limit of three redemptions per person, so the most damage you can do is $30 for 6 lipsticks. Free shipping happens at $25, though, so if you’ve been waiting to pounce, there’s an added bonus for you. This deal is exclusive to the NYX Cosmetics website!

For your reference, here is the first batch of NYX Lip Lingerie colors:

These are the 12 shades that shook up my lipstick life. I am a big fan of muted colors, and that’s quite literally all that NYX Lip Lingerie offers. Seeing Embellishment for the first time opened up my eyes to the idea of daytime-friendly purple lipstick while the similar-but-different set of Baby Doll, Bedtime Flirt, Satin Ribbon, Lace Detail, and Corset kickstarted my ambition to find the perfect nude for me. There’s truly a nude for everyone in this line, and it accommodates an incredible variety of different skin tones.

Exotic is the most conventional shade that isn’t also a nude (and actually, on the right skin tone, it’s kind of a nude, too). These shades were met with such resounding applause that NYX quickly got started on the next batch. Almost exactly a year after debuting the line, they released another set of 12 shades that did a great job expanding a seemingly complete collection of nude shades.

Here are the 2017 releases that will make your knees weak:

They’ve added more warm tones, more cool tones, more neutrals, and more undertones. The purple-based shades have been beefed up considerably, and they’ve added some exceptionally dark shades like Scandalous and Confident. Scandalous is so alluring to me because it looks almost green, but it’s just a dark, neutral taupe. My other favorite, as a result of my burnt orange lipstick addiction, is Seduction. (Note: Silk Indulgent is currently sold out.)

So far, I have picked up only one shade from the 2017 releases, and I chose Dusk to Dawn. It was such a weird, interesting shade – kind of like a more yellow-y, pastel version of Seduction – and I couldn’t resist.

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There’s no code required for this deal, just add two NYX Lip Lingerie shades to your cart (different, same, whatever) and it’ll automatically apply the discount.

Grab your two favorites (or six favorites) before Sunday to save a bundle!
Leave the name of your favorite shade in the comments!