Get More For Less: Hijabi’s Wardrobe Essentials On A Budget

The world of fashion is constantly changing; it can be an overwhelming and expensive affair, trying to keep up with the latest trends. Like many other women around the globe, Muslim women spend a lot on the latest fashion trends; this results in a wardrobe consisting of a potpourri of textures, prints and colours. Therefore, being a fashionable hijabi means that she has an expensive collection of fashion items and a challenging ordeal when she tries to not be late to the office (or anywhere, really).

Unlike what most people think, being fashionable does not require anyone to fork out an obscene amount of money on clothes. As long as a hijabi build a cohesive and functional wardrobe, she is able to get more mileage out of her clothing items without having to spend so much. Here are four wardrobe essentials on a budget.

Beautiful Classic Budget Hijab Fashion Inspiration

Timeless pieces

Instead of splurging on discounted fast fashion items, invest in classic pieces. These items are ones that transcend fashion trends; they can be worn in multiple ways and would be able to last their owners for many years. Spend more to get these pieces in quality materials so that they can be worn with other items to complete the look. For example, when a hijabi wants to add a leather jacket to her wardrobe, she should always opt for something in real leather instead of a synthetic one – real leather will look better with age as opposed to a crumbling hot mess if she chooses the latter. It is also a good idea to go for an all-time classic jacket with some leather touches.

Multi-purpose items

There is something to be loved about multi-purpose items: they can be worn (theoretically) every day without anyone noticing it being the same item, they give more bang for the buck and they allow their wearers to experiment with styling the items different ways. An infinity scarf is a great example of such a piece – it can be worn as a scarf on top of your normal hijab when it is really cold or wear it as a hijab when all you need is a little warmth on a breezy autumn day.

Tailored clothes

Jeans and blazers are some of the few clothing items that are universally hard to find the perfect fit; they may fit most of the woman’s frame or shape but there are some parts that look “off”. In this situation, having a reliable and skilled tailor on speed dial would be very beneficial. Even a little nip and tuck job will make an outfit from “OK” to catwalk showstopper.

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Subscription box

A subscription box is a great way for hijabis to keep their wardrobe fresh on a monthly basis. These carefully curated boxes give subscribers a selection of trendy fashion items and accessories that will help elevate a hijabi’s style at a fixed fee every month; the fee is usually cheaper than if a person would purchase the items individually. A hijabi would need to do some homework before committing to a monthly subscription box because there are so many great ones. Before subscribing, she will need to identify if the provider could cater to her shape and style. There are several benefits of subscribing to these boxes: they are cheap, they are a great surprise when they arrive and they take away the guessing that comes with shopping.

Beautiful Classic Budget Hijab Fashion Inspiration

Budget chic

One does not need to spend a lot on piles of dresses, abayas and hijabs; having a budget is great when building a wardrobe that is fashionable, timeless and modest. However, it is really important to remember that fashion is fun. It is also about experimenting so that she would know what makes her feel comfortable, beautiful and confident when facing the world. It would be easier for her to build her wardrobe if she has a great foundation to build around; everything else will be an addition to reflect her personality.