Graphic Tee Club: &Morgan for Veg-Heads & Food Nerds

Just in time for the end of summer comes &Morgan, an indie print shop based in Connecticut, USA. Their designs are simple, clean, and are a veggie-lover’s dream come true. Basically, if farmer’s markets had merch for fans, it would be &Morgan’s adorable, affordable graphic t-shirts covered in fruits & vegetables.

More important than the adorable & original screenprint designs is the fact that &Morgan is run by a father-daughter team. (*collective “awwww.”*) Together, they create and screenprint adorable designs onto softly colored crew-neck t-shirts and sell them for very reasonable prices in their Etsy store.

&Morgan Strawberry T-Shirt

&Morgan Fruits & Veggies T-Shirt
&Morgan Pumpkin T-Shirt

There are a few different t-shirts that they print onto. The makers of their shirts are listed in every individual listing, and they state the composition of the fabric right at the top. Included in the options are 100% cotton t-shirts, cotton-poly blends, and poly-viscose blend tees.

&Morgan’s designs, though… are perfect? I mean, I can’t really figure out another way to say it. Each one is hand-drawn and contains only a few colors, but there’s an ultra-charming quality to each illustration that, when combined with the stellar t-shirt color and cut choices, make for a completely wearable graphic tee.

&Morgan Watermelon Crop Top
&Morgan Seeds Crop Top

One of my favorite t-shirts that &Morgan puts out are their crop tops. They use two different crop top styles: one standard fitted top, and one that has a more loose, boxy shape which is much more friendly to those of us who aren’t quite ready to go full crop yet. This shape works incredibly well with anything that has a high waist, and adding pretty much any kind of jacket over the top is going to look amazing.

In addition to adorable graphic tees, &Morgan also offers printed totes, tea towels, sweatshirts, shopping bags, aprons, and other cute printed housewares.

&Morgan Flower & Market Tote
&Morgan Tomato Tote Bag

As with all good screenprinting establishments, if you love one of the designs but wish it were on a different t-shirt, tote bag, apron, or whatever, it’s likely that &Morgan already has that item listed with your preferred design. If you don’t see it, don’t hesitate to ask for a custom listing – they’re happy to do it! I’m kind of dying for that pumpkin print up there to be on my shopping tote throughout fall because I am a reckless fan of autumn and pumpkins are my jam.

Scattered throughout the produce-heavy graphic tees are giftables for holidays as well as designs featuring girl-power phrases, Connecticut pride motifs, and the eternal love of coffee, including the occasional Twin Peaks reference. But mostly, &Morgan is here to shower you with fruits and vegetables, celebrating both their abundance and their diversity. But seriously, how cute is this peach?!

&Morgan Peach Shirt

If you’re a vegetarian, vegan, salad bar fanatic, or just a person who loves well-thought-out graphic t-shirt designs – first of all, welcome to Graphic Tee Club! Now, go check out the rest of &Morgan’s awesome designs on Etsy

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