Must See: Visual Mood’s Insanely Beautiful Swimsuits & Bodysuits

Have you ever seen something that’s so perfect it makes you want to scream? Like, you physically cannot handle how such a perfect manifestation of beauty could actually exist and be sitting before you? That’s how I feel when I look at the swimsuits from Canadian indie swimwear brand, Visual Mood.

If Instagram models merged with Better Homes and Gardens, the graphic floral confections of Visual Mood would be the resulting product. The swimsuits look structural due to the white, wide, cage-like trim, but the vintage-inspired floral prints soften everything perfectly. Each style looks equally creative and understated.

As an art nerd, these suits remind me of paintings by my favorite painter, Alphonse Mucha. He utilized negative space brilliantly, and had a particular fondness for beautiful women and flowers. White space is frequently referred to as “negative space” in art, it compliments and highlights the focal point of the design by being sort of, um, beautifully empty. The white lines of these swimsuits contrast strongly with the intricate and colorful floral patterns, and that makes the design nerd in me really, really happy.

I originally found Visual Mood on Etsy, as they have a huge, well-stocked store there, or you can also shop on their website. Either way, each handmade suit – two-piece sets or a single one-piece – price out at about $68 each after applying the 30% off coupon code at the bottom of this post.

The fabric is a durable polyester that’s meant to be worn in and out of the water. In fact, Visual Mood encourages you to use their swimwear as everyday streetwear, including using the one-piece swimsuits as bodysuits. That’s double-duty, if you ask me, and makes these swimsuits way more valuable to my wardrobe.

If bikinis are your thing, be sure to note all of your options. There are a total of three different bottoms that Visual Mood makes, and three different bikini tops. You can purchase a set, or individual pieces. Bikini tops are about $34 by themselves. The ruffled bandeau top is more expensive at $48.

By the way, these florals aren’t just products of greedy Google image searches. The founders of Visual Mood create the floral designs themselves, so the creations you’re seeing here are in the true spirit of indie and DIY. Not just some replica of a stock swatch photo from the internet. Do you realize how rare that is?

The nice thing about Visual Mood is the simplicity of their business model. It makes for a very customizable experience, and who doesn’t love a little more control? You can even get your own text printed onto a swimsuit or bodysuit. I’d never be able to decide on a swimsuit-worthy phrase, so I just stick to the flowers.

One glance at Visual Mood swimwear line makes it obvious that their strength is in their fabrics. Original designs probably have a lot to do with the impact that the fabrics have, but the shapes of each garment are also bearing some of the responsibility for the wearability.

There are seven different swimsuit designs, including bikini styles, over the entire collection of swimsuits. This might seem limited, but really it’s fine because the highlight of each swimsuit is the brilliant pattern, and each looks great with the basic suit styles they offer. Many of the fabrics are available in both one- and two-piece designs, so if you fall in love, you have the option of cut.

There are four different bikini styles, including high neck tops, high waisted bottoms, thongs, and an off-shoulder, ruffled bandeau. There is only one style  of one-piece, and it’s the clean-lined, v-neck, strappy swimsuit you see throughout this post.

Whoever picked these base styles is a genius, because they’re flattering shapes on just about every body type. It’s hard to go wrong with high-waist bikinis and a one-piece with a waist-narrowing optical illusion. Their sizes cover XS-XL, and their size chart is available in every listing on Etsy, or on this page of their website.

If you’re a floral junkie like me and you’ve been waiting for the perfect one-piece or high-waist bikini to come around, Visual Mood is your next bodysuit BFF.

Use the code LINDSAYVM30 to get 30% off of Visual Mood swimwear!

See more Visual Mood swimwear on Etsy* or their website.

Suits at the top of the post: left ($98 $68.60) and right ($98 $68.60).

*Don’t forget to install Ebates before shopping, Etsy gives 1% cash back!

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