KissMe Lipstick Club: October 2017

Beauty subscription boxes are changing. We should have seen it coming (and maybe some of you did). When the Birchbox subscription empire began to fall, I wasn’t sure if I’d ever get excited about a subscription box again. But after MorpheMe, and it’s sister product, KissMe Lipstick Club, I’m wondering if a resurrection is near.

Like MorpheMe, KissMe is a monthly subscription box run by LiveGlam. It includes three exclusive lip products in on-trend, sometimes adventurous shades. I’m constantly playing it safe when it comes to lipstick, someone else selecting them might be the only way I’ll get out of my bubble.

The KissMe Lipstick Club for October 2017 included the shades Magic, Vixen, and Poison Apple. The package arrived in a similar fashion to the MorpheMe bag: sleek and well-branded with impressive packaging. On the outside of the black mailer is a big, graphic set of gorgeous lips alongside the KissMe logo.

The lipstick packaging feels nicer than some prestige brands! The lipstick comes in a frosty glass tube with a super-shiny, rose gold cap. KissMe’s logo is in rose gold overtop the glass tube and it honestly looks great. The name of each shade is on the bottom for easy identification.

The lipstick container feels and looks almost exactly like Colourpop’s packaging, but it’s thinner and shorter than Colourpop Ultra Mattes. Colourpop lipsticks contain 0.11 oz. of product while KissMe contains 0.95oz.

These shades are beautiful in the tube, and I love how shiny everything is! I expected all three to be liquid lipsticks, and while I am scared of dark purple liquid lipsticks (see why later), the other two were great shades for liquid lipstick, but one turned out to be a lip gloss.

Inside the package, KissMe included a very Halloween-y info card. I don’t know what KissMe is like outside of October, but during October, they’re embracing the spirit(s) of the season.

Onto the swatches!

The first shade is called Poison Apple, and looks exactly as you’d expect. While you might expect a deep, dark red, this one is actually a pink-toned, medium red. This is one of those shades that you can’t really tell if it’s a dark pink or a light red… If you’re familiar with pink-toned reds, though, you know that this lipstick is going to make your teeth look white AF.

As far as application, this shade went on very easily. I did my best to get a crisp line with the applicator and was able to do alright!  These didn’t dry down very fast… like, at all. They were tacky for the majority of the time I wore them, but maybe if I’d kept them on longer, they would have set.

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The next shade is called Vixen, and it’s… disappointing. But also not surprising. I don’t blame KissMe for this because, well, I’m pretty sure there’s no such thing as a pigmented, beautiful, dark purple liquid lipstick. Everything I’ve ever tried that leaned heavy on the purple turned out streaky, blotchy, and sheer.

Even this shade didn’t dry down, despite how thinly it went on. If this went on evenly and thin, I would probably wear it! It looks like a nice, dark stain.

Last but not least, the third shade is actually a lip gloss called Magic. It’s a metallic, warm, golden orange gloss that isn’t gross and sticky. As you can see, it’s definitely not full coverage or opaque. It was easy to apply, looked awesome over bare lips, and would likely look amazing over liner of pretty much any color.

The glitter in the gloss is not chunky at all. It’s actually really fine and reminded me of Buxom Lip Polish, but with more color. Of all three lip products, I’m most likely to wear this one until the tube is empty. This is pretty novel because, historically, I am not a lip gloss person. Lip gloss and I have a sordid relationship and a troubled past, but I really enjoyed this one!

KissMe is a monthly club, and it costs $19.99/month. Each lipstick ends up costing just under $7 each which, in terms of lipstick, is pretty damn good! While there was an obvious dud, the gloss and the offbeat-red definitely make up for it.

To try KissMe Lipstick Club for yourself, head to LiveGlam & join the community!

Would you pay $19.99 for these three lip products? Tell me in the comments!