$25 “Discontinued” Ladybird Palette from Kat Von D Beauty

In an appropriate goth-y and mysterious turn of events, it seems that we’ve stumbled upon a Kat Von D eyeshadow palette that… shouldn’t exist. Not only that, but it’s currently on sale for a Daily-Deal-able price of $25.

Which is why it’s only now that I’m meeting the Kat Von D Ladybird Eyeshadow palette which was clearly and blatantly made with me in mind? Well, it turns out there’s a pretty rich story.

Way back in 2013, Kat Von D released the Ladybird palette as an all-matte, travel-friendly palette that could be taken anywhere. Then, in 2014 – the Ladybird palette was discontinued. Yep, wiped from the face of the Earth. Fans were shaken to their core and grasped tightly onto their Chrysalis (discontinued) and Monarch palettes (also discontinued) for fear that they, too, would be taken. Beauty is a cold, cold mistress.

That was three years ago, and now, all of a sudden, this palette (along with some of its discontinued friends) are back in the Kat Von D sale section with discounted prices! Allure even published an article about it and POPSUGAR was also on the ball – but what the heck is going on?! Even the Chrysalis palette is back from the dead.

Now that the riveting backstory is out of the way, let me move aside so you can properly gush over these colors.

This palette comes with eight matte eyeshadows in vertical, rectangular pans and also includes a travel-sized Kat Von D Autograph Pencil in Immortal Love.

The colors look warm-toned at first, but after examining them, you’ll notice that there is a nice mix of neutral, cool, and warm tones. There are so many daily looks you could get out of this palette. Or, if it’s your style, just rub your fingers or brushes around and create a gorgeous, messy smokey eye. A warm brown smokey eye with a red, faded edge would be gorgeous. A taupe and purple smokey eye would look insanely good on pretty much every eye color. Honestly, just a wash of any of these shades over the eyelid would be sufficient enough to take to work IMO.

Personally, I love having all-matte palettes to act as a foundation for my epic sparkly pigment collection. Matte palettes are indispensable for creating a cohesive eye look – especially when you’re going full glam. Having a well-blended and complimentary base to add a bunch of glitter or duochrome over is almost always a recipe for a spectacular eye look.

Not only is this palette beautiful with obviously beautiful design and decoration, but it’s also, like, good.

I trust Temptalia‘s reviews more than almost anyone, and back in 2013, she gave the KVD Ladybird palette an A-.

Overall, this was a good palette, and for a matte palette, definitely an exceptional one that I’ve come across.  It’s not too warm-toned, though I would say it leans slightly warm as most of the neutrals are warm-toned.  Fur Elise and Siouxsie-sioux were the cooler-toned shades and the non-neutrals as well.  When I tested the palette for wear, I was able to get eight hours of wear, and I started to see some minimal fading after nine hours.

Free shipping on the Kat Von D website doesn’t start until $50, so if you and a friend both wanted a palette, that would be a smart way to avoid shipping costs. Or, you could just sweep the sale section and pick up a discontinued duochromatic Shadeshifter eyeshadow, the True Romance eyeshadow palette, or some KVD Saint perfume to round out your order. Besides, who knows if we will ever see these products again? (Seriously, who knows? Because someone knows, and you should really tell us WTF is going on… right after we buy up these exclusives.)

KVD Ladybird Eyeshadow Palette, $25 (was $36)
Kat Von D


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