Look to the Silver Screen for Halloween Makeup Inspiration

Now that Halloween is right around the corner, it’s time to get serious about costumes. Obviously, I like to save a little money on Halloween by creating a costume out of my own wardrobe. After all, some of the best Halloween-friendly characters dress like regular people! Personally, I look to movies when trying to find the perfect character for Halloween inspiration because they don’t necessarily have fancy clothing or bespoke uniform.

Even the scariest characters from films are created with normal clothing and makeup. Villains, heroes, glamorous leading ladies, or love-interest men… They’re all totally achievable with a bit of creativity (and a lot of YouTube beauty tutorials).

You don’t need any fancy or expensive makeup to achieve these looks. Thanks to the miracle of drugstore makeup, even theatrical makeup like face paints and white bases can be found inexpensively! Head to your local drugstore to pick up everything you need to create your most magnificent looks. If you do want to play around with textures, your local beauty or Halloween shop will have liquid latex that you can use to make prosthetics and scars. Check out Glam & Gore for liquid latex tutorials!

If you’ve never played around with theatrical or editorial makeup – don’t worry! It’s all just for fun, anyway, and if you make a big mistake, it washes off! There’s no reason to be intimidated by makeup. The best way to get better is by practicing! Just think – next year, after all the practice you have this year, you’ll nearly be a pro!

Speaking of professionals, there are tons of great tips online from the people who created the characters we love to resemble! Professional makeup artists

TEMPTU - Airbrush Makeup Tips for Halloween

Memorable Makeup from the Movies Infographic Provided by TEMPTU

Whether you’re going for scary, sexy, sultry, mysterious, or mischievous, there is a film character for you to embody this Halloween. Go for an easier option like historically glamorous queen, Cleopatra, or go deep into film history with Joanne Eberhart – the terrifyingly robotic housewife from Stepford Wives.

If you’re looking for a bigger challenge, Max Cady from Cape Fear will give you the opportunity to draw on some tough tattoos! Robert DeNiro played this character originally, so you’ll be to rough yourself up adequately. If you’d like to try aging yourself up a few decades, go for a Mrs. Doubtfire look. Robin Williams was covered nearly head-to-toe in makeup for this role, but adding strategically placed shadows and lines to your face can simulate an aging woman.

For comic book hero impact, go monotone by embodying Mystique from X-Men, or get really creepy by copying Heath Ledger’s The Joker. These are both vibrant, colorful, and truly haunting. Beginners should opt for Mystique as she’s basically just a few different shades of blue.

Showing up to your best friend’s Halloween party as an iconic character from a legendary film is pretty much the easiest way to nail Halloween. Not only that, but you’ll be building skills for next year and, before you know it, your friends will be asking you to do their makeup for their elaborate Halloween costume! Who knows, you might have found yourself a new career in theatrical makeup artistry… or maybe you’re just the new queen of Halloween!

Probably watching Netflix.