Making Money as a Beauty Blogger: 4 Ways to Generate Income

Beauty blogs are all the rage today, with bloggers being the voice and inspiration for everyday beauty-obsessed people as well as million-dollar brands. And the industry shows no sign of slowing down, particularly with the added communication available with social media today.

Whether you are currently a beauty blogger or looking to make a name for yourself in the space, you probably wonder if you can make money writing and talking about what you love. The good news is … you can! Read on for four ways you can start making money doing what you love now.


In addition to writing posts for you own blog, you can also seek out opportunities to get paid to write for other blogs. If you have a blog established, you’ll be able to quickly and easily share samples with folks who potentially want to hire you as a freelance beauty writer.

There are plenty of job boards and companies devoted to finding freelance writers/bloggers for their clients. The key is to take some time to uncover the right opportunity for you. You may even seek out blogs and websites you like and read often and contact them to see if they are looking for freelance writers. After all, who better than an avid reader in the know to write for them?

Affiliate Marketing

Another way to generate income from your blog is to consider affiliate marketing. What is affiliate marketing? Simply put, it’s a business arrangement in which a retailer gives commission to a website or blog owner for any web traffic or conversions (sales) that come from said website/blog’s referrals.

There is a lot of information out there about affiliate marketing and there are specific affiliate programs for those in the beauty/makeup/skincare industry. If you are new to this concept, you’ll need to find an affiliate program to partner with. As you become more experienced, you’ll become more lucrative to other programs, as well.

Advertise on Your Blog

Finally, another way that beauty bloggers make money is through advertising. There are a number of ways to do this. Some experts suggest, particularly for newbies, using Google AdSense because it is free and fairly simple. This is something that typically works best if you’ve already got a decent sized audience (approval is based on page views/visitors/impressions/etc.).

This program pays you to run ads on your blog or website (or even your Vlog/YouTube channel) and you get paid when readers click on the ads.

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Sell Products You Love to Talk About and Use

Many beauty bloggers find that direct sales is Reputable companies like Amway offer opportunities for beauty experts to sell high-quality products to customers. For beauty bloggers, this one can be an ideal fit because they are typically testing out and talking about products they love anyway.

From a variety of skincare to best-selling makeup, Amway has a loyal following and is a perfect fit for beauty bloggers to explore as a stream of income. The beauty of Amway is that you can work as little or as much as you’d like; very different from a traditional 9 to 5 job. And it can amalgamate with your current blogging topics.

Amway’s Artistry line is a collection of elite makeup and beauty products that let users channel their own beauty with products that are cutting-edge.

Regardless of how you choose to build out your beauty blog and brand, the key is to stay authentic and true to yourself. Readers and potential customers want to get to know the real you and, in turn, will value your opinion. So above all, be yourself!