Mia Melon Outerwear on Major Clearance (All-Season Coats Under $50)

In-the-moment shopping might be the most gratifying, but if you’re truly a Broke Life Strategist™, you’re planning out the best bargain opportunities throughout the entire year. For example, the hardcore bargain shoppers will utilize off-season clearance sales to bulk up their wardrobes months ahead.

Mia Melon, my favorite indie outerwear brand, is having a summer blowout saleFour of their extremely popular and gorgeous designs have been marked down from $150+ to $49, and another two are marked down to $69. And yes, Mia Melon totally met their last Kickstarter goal – thanks to everyone who contributed! They’re making room for their new Fall 2017 collection which will include a bundle of new design as well as an extended size range which includes plus sizes!

My true BFF in the PacNW: The Mia Melon Provocateur III Jacket (Review)

Included in the discounted products is the Provocateur II jacket ($159 $69), the predecessor to my own jacket, the Provocateur III. These jackets are about as fashion forward as you can get without sniping a design off of the runway. Even then, the price tag would be astronomical and the functionality wouldn’t be the same. Mia Melon designs their jackets with durability in mind, they just also happen to have impeccable taste.

Mia Melon Jackets Marked Down to $49

From L-R, click image to enlarge:

Wanderer II Jacket, $179 $49
Nomad II Jacket, $179 $49
Everglades Jacket, $179 $49
Commuter Jacket, $189 $49

These jackets are weather-ready, so if you, like that red jacket, are a commuter, you will love the security and safety you feel when wrapped up in one of these jackets.

Not only are they coated with DWR (Durable Water Repellant) and even heavy rain and snow just bead right off. Okay, snow does more of a slough motion, but my point is that it doesn’t make you cold.

Another thing that doesn’t make you cold? The micro-fleece lining inside each one of these coats. It’s also the pocket lining, and Mia Melon gives you nice, deep pockets. The kind that eat up half of your forearm and can easily accommodate mittens or gloves. It will even accommodate another hand if you’re a cute hand-holder. If you don’t have a hand to hold, the pockets on these jackets could also easily hold a mission-style burrito. For some people, that’s the only relationship they’ll ever need.

Check out the whole line of Mia Melon coats on sale here!