Nail Pop LLC’s Self-Lovin’, Emo-Feelin’, Bong-Rippin’ Nail Decals

When I compare the current world of nail art to what we had access to when I was in high school makes me feel… well, old, for one. It also makes me feel completely capable of creating my own badass nail art creations. Especially when there are crazy-easy tricks like “add a nail decal” that amp up the volume on your manicures by about 400%.

Nail Pop LLC’s indie art nail decals, however, will completely blow out the speakers. On… your manicure. Of your manicure? Okay, I lost it. I have no idea what I’m talking about anymore. Moving on.

Nail Pop LLC was founded in 2012 by nail artist Erin Hart. She started her imaginative business by creating a mobile nail studio offering pop-up manicures around Tampa, Florida. Since then, Hart has added creating and selling sheets of hand-drawn, adorable water transfer nail decals which she now sells in her Nail Pop shop.

Not In The Mood Water Slide Decals

Here’s why these nail decals are fantastic:

First of all, they require almost no talent or skill and the payoff is huge. Summer always amps up my creative ambition when it comes to style, so these quirky, easy nail decals are the perfect little twist to the everyday nail job.

The price is completely reasonable, if you ask me. Each sheet is only $10, and as you can see, there are many manicures on one sheet.

These decals will give you what NYLON Magazine or Refinery29 would probably call “cool-girl nails” (cringe) because they are equal parts edgy and clever. What kind of person uses “cool-girl” as an adjective? Personally, I prefer cledgy.

Sensuous Spring Decals

This is my favorite of all of Nail Pop LLC’s designs: Sensuous Spring. Yes, adorned panties and cat-shaped perfume bottles, with gorgeous flower accents and the all-important fans with what I’m pretty sure is a picture of a dog sniffing a butt on them.

Something about the color scheme and the cuteness of the drawings makes these totally sure that these belong on my 31 year old body. In fact, there’s an element of humor and/or irreverence in all of Nail Pop LLC’s designs. If you don’t take yourself too seriously (and you shouldn’t), you are going to really, really like these.

Also, if you love weed, they’ve got decals for you, too.

Casual Tuesday Nail Decals

I mean, bongs on your nails might be more of a weekend look, but to each their own. Pizza slices that would make the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles proud are obviously more of an everyday option.

Nail Pop Death II Nail DecalsNail Pop Dystopia Nail Decals

If the colors on these decals stress you out, I understand. Thank goodness for Nail Pop’s full line of simple, black nail decals that look best while listening to songs by The Cure. They’re dark, moody, and completely precious.

Meet my second favorite decals: Sprang. (Okay, maybe it’s tied for second with the Not In The Mood decals… but nevertheless:)

Nail Pop LLC Sprang Decals

I love these. They aren’t too “death is among us” and the partial animal skull on the bottom even has some cute flowers by it! I think these are totally versatile, but I definitely don’t work in food or customer service, so keep that in mind.

While they have an extensive line of options for the goth within all of us (see above, and that’s just the beginning), the first decals I saw from Nail Pop was a sheet of their self-love nail decals.

Nail Pop’s themed decal sheets are packed full of appreciation for genitalia, sex toys, and even some good old fashioned periods.

I’m On My Period Nail Decals

Did you ever think a menstrual cup could be so adorable?

Pick up any one of these nail decal sheets (or multiples!) from Nail Pop LLC’s website. You should also follow their Facebook page to keep up with their cool collaborations and nail inspiration!

Probably watching Netflix.