National Park Foundation x Greenvelope’s Gorgeous Park-Inspired Invitations

Has anyone else gained a new respect for our National Park Foundation recently? Well here is your chance to commemorate one of the USA’s most badass organizations. They’ve partnered with electronic invitation purveyor Greenvelope to create some extra, extra beautiful designs for your wedding, birthday, or just your next BBQ.

Teaming up with the National Park Foundation is a logical choice for Greenvelope. After all, Greenvelope’s mission is to keep the romance and personality of paper correspondence while getting rid of the paper. Once you see what they’ve created with the NPF, it’s not hard to imagine Greenvelope succeeding. The designs are incredible!

In addition to beautiful invitations, Greenvelope has an entire invitation tracking system. Keep track of RSVPs, create registries, and fully customize the presentation of your correspondence. Everything Greenvelope makes is meant to give the feel of a traditional paper card you’d receive in the mail, so you can control the colors, envelope, and even materials like gold foil and paper.

You can use these designs for the following types of cards:

  • Invitations
  • Thank you cards
  • Greeting cards
  • Save the Date
  • Baby announcement
  • Baptism/communion
  • Moving announcements
  • Birthday cards
  • …and anything else that you can think of, pretty much!

The four templates are: invitation, save the date, thank you note, and announcement/card. All templates come with Greenvelope’s expert tracking, but the invitations include a ton of extra features like surveys and RSVP tracking, so it’s truly the full package for event planning.

The National Park Foundation is the official charity partner of the National Park Service. The sole purpose of the NPS is to protect some of our country’s most incredible wonders, and by protect, I do mean protect. There are over 284 million acres of land that is maintained, surveyed, and deeply cared for by the NPS. The National Park Foundation is where the NPS gets the money for educational programs and community outreach.

I do not pity the artist who was tasked with creating twelve illustrations and invite designs inspired by our national parks. I spent tons of time in state and national parks, and I’ve never felt more free and at home. The way that the parks are maintained allows them to be as wild as it wants. America’s biggest mountains, grandest rivers, and most impressive terrain are contained within the National Park system. Even the Golden Gate Bridge is in a National Park!

A huge portion of the job of the National Park Service is trail maintenance. This is important for giving the community access to the park, which allows them to develop relationships with the land. This might surprise you, but that relationship is one of the most important parts of nature conservation! So go to the park! It wants you to come and play in it! Visiting the park actually helps the park, so drop all of your responsibilities and go to the park to plan your next event, then use these invitations to get the word out. Ta-da! I planned your day, you’re welcome.

Once you pick a design, you can change up the colors and fonts, further tailoring it to your event. Bonus points if your event is within a National Park! You should do that, by the way. They frequently have party shelters with BBQ grills and picnic tables. Also: free. Free is the best part about the parks! Uh, after the nature and stuff, of course.

You can send your thank you card, save the date, or note to up to 40 people for only $19, or $39 for invitations with the upgraded tracking features. If you’re doing something big like a wedding or reunion, there are packages to accommodate everyone! You can have thousands of recipients, and Greenvelope will accommodate you. It’s pretty sweet. Plus, $10 of every purchase goes directly to the National Park Foundation through 3/31! After that, they’ll contribute their regular rate of $5 per purchase indefinitely!

See more about the Greenvelope x National Park Foundation collaboration here!

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