New Year, New Streetwear

One of the biggest anticipated trends for 2018, is street and loungewear. It’s a trend that has started slowly throughout 2017 – and, if the catwalks are anything to go by – it’s going to hit the ground running in the new year.

From London to New York, various designers have tried to incorporate comfort and style into their pieces. With various manufacturers and outlets starting to push clothes that used to be reserved for the gym or the couch, into our everyday lives.

Let’s take a look at what we believe will be the hottest female streetwear items for 2018…

Cropped Hoodies

You’ve heard of over oversized hoodies, but have you heard of cropped hoodies?

Yes, they’re a thing, and yes, we rather like them! If you are looking to feel cosy, show off a bit of skin, and look stylish – then this is the hoodie for you. It can be worn with a crop top to show off your torso, or with a top to add layers and texture to your outfit.

The Blue Moon Cropped Hoodie by 304, is a fantastic example of a cropped hoodie. It has an inner fleece lining, to help keep you in winter, and comes equipped with stylish chunky drawstrings and woven side taping.

Oversized Sweatshirts

Keeping with the cosy and on-trend theme, oversized sweatshirts for women are making a comeback.

Oversized hoodies got notoriously famous from more and more of us women ‘borrowing’ our boyfriends, and it seems the same has happened with sweatshirts. More retailers are starting to take note and stock oversized sweatshirts!

Try pairing a deep red sweatshirt with a pair of super stretchy skinny jeans, for a chilled ‘just thrown this on’ stylish look this winter.

Skinny Joggers

If you’re bored of jeans, then why not try a pair of skinny joggers?

These aren’t any ordinary pair of joggers; their skinny look detaches them away from more traditional joggers you’d expect to wear on the sofa. Men have been accepted wearing skinny joggers for the past year, and its time for women to be accepted as well!

Streetwear leggings are too closely associated with the gym, so its time to try something new that combines style and comfort.

The Jackson Grey Joggers by 304, are a great versatile pair of skinny joggers. Their neutral light grey tone allows them to be worm with a variety of outfits, whether that be an oversized sweatshirt or denim jacket!

Long Length Graphic T-shirts

Graphic t-shirts have been popular for a while, but long length ones are now breaking onto the scene. Combining traditional graphic with a casual long length look, makes the t-shirt feel cosy whilst keeping that stylish look.

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We are a massive fan of graphic t-shirts, where the graphics are situated on the back. You don’t want the graphic to overpower your entire outfit, so look for something bold, but not too vibrant that people fail to notice what else you are wearing!