Packing Tips for Your Warm Winter Holiday

Traveling is always fun. Plunking yourself down into the cultures and beauty of faraway places is exhilarating. But traveling to another hemisphere is like going to another planet. Leaving the cold, bleak winter of your hometown to cross the equator and arriving in a humid and tropical paradise is a feeling unlike any other. It’s escapism at it’s finest.

Despite your destination’s obvious appeal, there are some easy tricks to maximizing the beauty and fun you experience on your vacation. Since I’m from the northern hemisphere, all I can think about lately is how it’s warming up in Australia and New Zealand. You know, where all of the good beaches are.

In addition to being a Pacific Northwestern Sun Fearer, I’m not always the best at preparing for the heat. So I’ve made a list to help out my chilly-region sisters get their stuff together before setting off on a warm-weather trip.

Reusable Water Bottle

Depending on where you’re going, water may be an important commodity. If you’re headed to a place with a ton of water-borne illness, disregard this one because you’ll be drinking primarily bottled water for your safety. If you’re heading to a place with abundant clean water, a reusable water bottle will save you tons of money. Pick up a plastic one so there isn’t any danger of breakage, and if you’re planning on backpacking, look for one with a spot to hook a carabiner!

A Killer Off-Season Swimsuit

This is a no-brainer. In the off-season, you’ll see gorgeous swimsuits popping up for incredibly low prices. While people in your region are lamenting the blustering cold, you can be blissfully shopping for your next bikini.

Indie Fashion: Visual Mood Swimwear

Prescription Sunglasses

If you wear glasses, you might not understand how intensely serious I am about this. Many people who wear prescription glasses have given up on sunglasses, or resorted to wearing regular sunglasses and foregoing improved vision in the name of style. You don’t have to do this! There are tons of affordable prescription sunglasses online. My life improved tenfold when I picked up my first pair, if you don’t have any, you must try them! Imagine having reduced glare, dimmed brights, and perfect vision. Don’t sleep on this one, pick up a pair ASAP!

Don’t bother packing these on your tropical vacation:


With the amount of chaos that one bottle of sunscreen can bring, I would suggest leaving it at home and purchasing some at your destination. From exploding SPF to strict TSA regulations, sunscreen can end up being more of a bummer than you think.


Not only will towels bulk up your luggage, but the chances of them getting lost are astronomical in an unfamiliar place. Plus, nearly every lodging house or hotel you could possibly stay in has towels available for you. Unless you’re roughing it and backpacking, I’d leave the towels at home. If you are backpacking, I would definitely recommending bringing your own towels, but bringing a packable, ultralight towel instead of a standard, terry cloth option.

With these tips, you should be able to maximize your luggage and make the most of your sunny trip! Don’t forget to bring a camera – even if it’s a disposable one. Leave your favorite packing and vacation tips in the comments!

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