Dedicated: The Perfect End to a Great Shopping Day: Bingo!

If you love hitting the shops as much as we do then prepare to find out how to do so in style. Creating the perfect day of shopping doesn’t need to be difficult and you can top it off with bingo to make it go off with a bang. Stick with us savvy readers and learn everything you need to know.

As they say, fail to prepare prepare to fail. Get started with your shopping preparation in advance to ensure a day well spent. Organise it with others or just go solo, whichever you prefer. We recommend creating a list of things you want and a list of things you need, think long and hard which one that rainbow highlighter really belongs in! Then, you have a clear list of priorities for the day with some secondary elements to watch out for.

Do some research of retailers before you even think about venturing out the house. Sure, shopping in person can be great but you don’t want to end up paying a lot more for the same product. Look out for online deals as these can often drastically reduce the amount that you pay and who doesn’t love a great bargain?

Finally, you’ll need to confront your budget as there’s nothing worse than wasting a good shopping day by overspending. If you feel comfortable doing so then leave the credit cards at home and just take cash. Psychologically speaking, this is much easier to keep a track off and you’re less likely to get a nasty surprise when your bill comes through. Plus it makes impulse buying much harder if you do, so you can take a cooling off period before you decide if you really need that big ticket item.

Once you’ve had that successful day of shopping, ride out the high by playing some bingo. If you’re a newbie then don’t worry, this list of the best sites is updated with new bingo sites 2017 just for you. Bingo sites can be excellent fun and can even offer you the opportunity to win big for your next shopping spree. If you want to top up your funds then this could be the way to do it.

So what makes bingo sites so appealing? For many, it’s the social aspect as it feels like you’re simply hanging out with some of your friends online. If you invite your friends to come play with you on certain sites then you might even be able to grab yourself a referral bonus, which means even more freebies for you. There are lots of sites out there for you to test out, so don’t get too tied to just one or two.

Then, of course, we have the ability to make a lot of cash from these sites, especially if we spend wisely. Just like before you go shopping, you should have a bingo budget in mind as you don’t want to overspend here either. Luckily, the internet is teeming with penny games and even free ones for those that are watching their wallets. Look for bonuses too, as these will add some freebie funds into your balance.

Bingo and shopping are most definitely a match made in heaven, plan your ideal day out and play some bingo to experience this pairing for yourself.

Probably watching Netflix.