The Perfect Shorts Under $50 from Liverpool Jeans

When denim companies do shorts, they do them right. So when a real live denim company has shorts for under $50, there’s a good reason to investigate. Especially when the people who run said denim company are 30 year veterans in the industry.

The husband and wife duo behind Liverpool Jeans are a match made in the denim heaven. He co-operated NYDJ (Not Your Daughter’s Jeans) and she ran Denimhead, a denim subscription service. Based on their resumes, I shouldn’t be surprised that they designed what might be the perfect shorts.

Corine Shorts, $49  |  Vicki Shorts, $49

My body and I have come a long way, and we still have a ways to go before I become a certified short-shorts person. In the meantime, my hemlines are right around mid-thigh. Definitely above the knee enough to not be confused with knee-shorts, but not so high that I need to shave my entire body.

Liverpool Jeans have four pairs of shorts under $50 (plus free shipping on all continental US orders!), and they’re each a little different. But I want them all.

The Corine and Vicki styles are nearly identical in terms of inseam with the Corine Shorts only 0.25″ longer. Plus, the Vickie Shorts have the option to be rolled up to an als0 comfortable 4.75″ inseam. Liverpool Jeans also has the Elliot Shorts which are 4.5″ inseam, but offer a more loose fit through the thigh. The Sonny Walking Shorts are the longest option under $50 with a 9.5″ inseam that can be rolled up to a 7″ inseam.

Corine Walking Shorts in Belmont Bleach, $49 

Vicki Shorts in Mandalay Light, $49

Elliot Boyfriend Shorts, $49

Sonny Walking Shorts, $49

The size range is pretty decent, offering a 0-16 in nearly every style. While there are several different washes and styles, each pair is constructed from a 95% cotton blend with some added stretch from polyester and spandex. Basically, these are the jorts of my dreams.

Liverpool Jeans entire catalogue is under $100, and that include dozens of full length jeans in both trendy and classic styles. They seem to be pretty proficient at distressing, too, so if you’ve been itching to add some knee-holes and pocket exposure to your denim wardrobe, this might be a good opportunity.

Check out all of Liverpool Jeans shorts under $50 on their website!

Have you ever tried this brand? Let me know your stories in the comments.

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