Pic & Pay Giveway! My Boots from the Fall/Winter 2017 Line

My shoe wardrobe has needed a wake up call for several months. The truth is… I’ve been avoiding. I create these irrational attachments to shoes and have become a master at creating excuses to keep even the oldest pairs around. They have good memories attached to them, or they don’t make these anymore, or my favorite – I got them for such a good deal, it would be irresponsible (read: sad) to give them away. What a bunch of whiny nonsense, right?

Pic & Pay to the rescue – again! Last time, they helped me Pic(& Pay) a pair of basic black sandals. This time, they’re forcing me out of my comfort bubble with a pair of fall/winter statement shoes: red suede ankle boots.

Having just released their fall/winter 2017 shoe line (keep scrolling to see all the goodness), they offered me my choice of their affordable winter shoes.

I knew I needed to get brave with my choice, and out of the 15 new styles in the collection, I picked the Benji boots in Burgundy ($89.95).

Autumn is my favorite season, and I am positive that it played a major role in my selection. The Benji boots are half witchy, half devilish, and 100% eye-catching. The suede leather upper is almost velvet-like and has a ton of different textures in different light. Suede is like the black hole of fabrics; it’s so matte that it actually seems to have a vague sheen. It creates interesting patterns just with the shift of a fiber.

In honor of my out-of-bubble experience, I threw on my most out-of-bubble thrift purchase: a full-length, split-side… sweater?…dress?

Unsurprisingly, these boots were comfortable. I was a little nervous upon slipping them on for the first time because they truly fit like a glove. They hug my feet in ways that are not uncomfortable, but instead feel supportive. Obviously, the laces can be redone to fit your foot perfectly.

The gold zipper on the inside wall of the boot is very complimentary to the burgundy color… but I’m kinda wondering if I should have grabbed the leopard! Luckily, there’s still time to pick some up and, by the way, when Pic & Pay is ready to move on to the next season, their discounts are spectacular. You can see what I mean when you look at last season’s gorgeous shoes marked down around 50% or more at Amazon, with Prime shipping!

I also love the height of these boots – both the heels and the boot shaft. Neither is too high, or too low. Pic & Pay always designs for comfort first, but their design department is always killing it. These somewhat ostentatious boots look cute with skinny jeans, dresses with tights, or bare legs thanks to the comfort level and smart design.

You can even wear them with… whatever you would call this thing I’m wearing! It just so happens that the bizarre monstrosity of a garment that I found at Value Village is the exact same color as my new boots. How could I resist? We’re going monochrome today. Do I wish these leggings were black and not navy blue? You bet I do.

Pic & Pay releases collections every season just like most brands, but you can tell from the way they talk about and present their affordable shoes that they are putting a ton of effort in. There are styles and heel heights for all ages and preferences. I appreciate any company that puts out cute flats every season, you know what I mean? I might be wearing some 3″ heels here, but I live in flats for most of my life. Pic & Pay does a great job of being inclusive.

This is all on top of the fact that Pic & Pay continues to be a charitable company, offering up donations of shoes to people in need.

Let’s check out the rest of the Pic & Pay Fall/Winter 2017 collection!

Pic & Pay Becca Suede Booties
(3 styles: burgundy, black, leopard)
 Pic & Pay Claire Suede Booties
(2 styles: black, mushroom)

Pic & Pay Maple Flat Loafers
(5 styles: silver leather, navy velvet, dark blush velvet, wine velvet, black velvet)
 Pic & Pay Jonas Brogues
(4 styles: black printed leather, burgundy suede, camel suede, taupe burnished leather)

Pic & Pay Kay Flats
(4 styles: blush leather, grey leather, teal leather, black leather)
Pic & Pay Kiana Flats
(4 styles: dark nude suede, navy blue suede, black suede, red suede)

Pic & Pay Eric Loafers
(4 styles: plum patent, black patent, blush patent, navy patent)
Pic & Pay Talia Wrapped Wedge
(4 styles: black suede, navy suede, grey suede, camel suede)

Pic & Pay Lucia Suede Pumps
(4 styles: blush suede, black suede, plum suede, red suede)
Pic & Pay Nelly Suede D’Orsay Heels
(3 styles: black suede, blush suede, red suede)

Pic & Pay Dacia Leather Mules
(4 styles: black leather, nude patent, red suede, leopard suede)
Pic & Pay Eden Bow Loafers
(5 styles: red suede, leopard suede, black suede, grey suede, blush suede)

Pic & Pay Fiona Pumps
(3 styles: camel leather, black leather, navy leather)
Pic & Pay Fairy Pump
(4 styles: red patent, black patent, navy patent, nude patent)

You might be surprised by the range of styles in Pic & Pay’s collections. Hell, you might even be confused, but let me help you understand how burgundy suede boots and 1″ patent leather nude heels can co-exist in the same affordable, stylish shoe line.

While Pic & Pay clearly has a grasp on seasonal trends and prints, they also have a firm grasp on… reality. If you’ve ever held a job with a uniform, you know how incredibly hard it is to find shoes that are comfortabledurable, and still fit the requirements of the uniform. On top of that, not everyone feels sexy in 4″ heels! You’d be surprised what some fashionable thrift shoppers can do with a pair of almond-toe, 1″ pumps. It’s humbling.

But for those of us who are a little bit “louder” with our taste, they have the leopard print boots, the pom-pom flats, and some chunky, bright red heels. There’s little left out of this collection.

You’ll notice that the materials they use in their shoes is are time-tested and long-lasting. There’s not a single “faux” up there, which those avoiding animal products should note, but that means the price points on these are truly impressive. If you’re in the market for some shoes that will last you longer than one season, both in construction and design, Pic & Pay should be on your radar! 

Enter to win your own pair from the Pic & Pay Fall/Winter 2017 collection!

Pic & Pay, being the giving and generous company that they are, have offered to give one Broke & Beautiful reader a pair of shoes from the brand new fall collection!

Pic & Pay Fall Fashion Giveaway

Giveaway ends on Friday, October 13 at 11:59pm.

As usual, I will announce the winner on Instagram, so make sure you’re following @BrokeAndBeautiful!

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