Pic & Pay Shoes: Cute, Affordable Shoes with a Conscience

Of all the types of clothing or fashion accessories to be picky about, sandals are at the top of the list, for me. For the last forever, I’ve been a basic flip flops kind of girl. Black, faux leather straps, of possible, and a nondescript, dark brown sole. It’s time to branch out and expand my comfort zone a little bit. These entirely affordable Pic/Pay leather sandals have been the perfect first steps.

Cute Affordable Sandals on Amazon

The Pic & Pay Bella Sandals are the most basic sandals Pic & Pay has to offer, and they’re lovely. These Bella sandals have black faux leather straps and heel with an ankle strap and buckle. There’s a metallic pewter leather inset on the toe strap that looks awesome in contrast with the black. Stylistically, they’re safe, but definitely aren’t boring. I’m ready to not be boring.

Pic & Pay, as a company, also happens to look amazing on paper. They’re affordable, accessible on Amazon with Prime shipping, use durable materials, have cushioned footbeds and also happen to be charitable.

Currently, Pic & Pay has partnered with Soles4Souls, a non-profit social enterprise that creates sustainable jobs and provides relief through the distribution of shoes and clothing around the world. Founded in 2006, the organization has distributed more than 30 million pairs of new and used shoes in 127 countries.

13,000 people around the world will be getting a brand new pair of Pic & Pay shoes through the partnership with Soles4Souls. I hope they’re excited, because these shoes are pretty great.

Despite the layered leathers at the toe, my favorite part of these is actually the ankle strap. Not just the strap itself, but the antiqued gold buckle, the placement of the strap, and the heel backing.

You can find the Pic & Pay Bella Sandals in three colors on Amazon or the brand’s website for $36.97.

The Pic & Pay Bella sandals actually come in three different colors: black, white, and tan. Each color has its own corresponding metallic accent leather in the toe.

I went with black and pewter because, like I said: safety. But once I got them and saw the quality of the material, I was really impressed with the pewter leather. It packed much more of a punch than I expected without compromising the neutral-ness of the sandals.

I’m pretty sure that the only leather part of these sandals is the middle strip. But on Amazon they’re called “leather ankle strap sandals” with the description stating that the materials included are “leather and man-made leather” with a “rubber sole.” Whether the man-made part is referring to the footbed or the heel or the straps, I don’t know. But the black stuff certainly feels like leather. 

The soles are truly cushioned – you can see the fluff when you’re not wearing them. It’s not memory foam or anything, and I’m not sure what a podiatrist would say about the ergonomics, or whatever, but I’m not here to show you comfortable shoes that are perfectly supportive of feet. I’m here to show you these way cute sandals that are less than $40 on Amazon.

These are totally walkable shoes, though. I took these through several farmer’s markets, and even on a boat for a full day! The soles of the shoes rub off, as you can see, but don’t seem to transfer onto the bottom of my feet. I don’t mind the discoloration, but if you do, definitely note that.

Overall, these are awesome sandals for the spring, summer, and fall seasons. That’s not all Pic & Pay has to offer, though. You can find everything from platform sneakers to ankle boots in their extensive line of shoes. The average price is around $36, most falling between $22 and $39. There are plenty of options below $30. You can even find a few shoes under $20!

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