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Creator and Creative Director of the is a law graduate hailing from Florence, Italy. Caterina decided to pursue her passion for fashion instead of practice law, and got a headstart in the fashion industry. With her outstanding creativity, it wasn’t long before she became an external consultant of fashion brands in Italy.

After relocating to Sydney, Australia, Caterina started up the Bidinis line of handbags and accessories. Each handbag is 100% Italian made, a combination of both quality and luxury. Plus, they come at an accessible price range.

The manufacturing process of the Bidinis handbags starts and ends in Florence-Italy, in the beating heart of world first-class quality leather, using the finest materials for the collections, and sourcing from controlled suppliers. Caterina’s relationships and connections to the artisans and tanneries of Italy ensure that the genuine leather bags remain stylish and of high quality.

Review of the Thelma Clutch/Shoulder Bag

The Thelma Clutch/ Shoulder Bag remains true to the Bidinis vision, is made of 100% genuine leather and crafted by skilled artisans in Italy. The olive green crocodile print of this bag gives a fierce yet stylish and classy look, and will easily glam up whatever look you’re going to use it with. The detachable metallic chain it comes with means you can switch up the use of this bag between being a clutch and a shoulder bag, which makes it ideal for either day or night events. Even when you remove the chain, the bag comes with a handle that will make it convenient for you to use it as a clutch.

Don’t be fooled by the size of this clutch: you will have more than enough space to hold everything you’ll need and more. It’s like a wallet and bag all in one, which means you don’t have to bring your wallet when you’re using this bag.

It has a separate compartment for banknotes and four credit card slots, which I love because I don’t have to rummage around looking for my money and cards when I need them. The Thelma clutch also has a compartment for a mobile phone, which can fit a phone as large as an iPhone 6 Plus.

The Thelma Clutch/ Shoulder Bag is small enough to be handy, and yet large enough to contain everything I need. It’s perfect for events when you need the basics like a wallet and phone and minimal baggage to lug around, like a night out with friends. It used to be pretty risky for me to simply bring my wallet and phone, since I didn’t always have pockets in my outfits so I tended to accidentally leave those items somewhere and forget about them.

There were times where I tried bringing my wallet and phone in a small bag, but some bags just aren’t made for classy evening events and they bulk you up unnecessarily. That’s why I was so thankful when I found a bag that combined all the features of a wallet and a bag in one. Plus you can be sure that it’s comfortable to walk around with and it never looks out of place, even if you’re just out doing errands or at a fancy evening party.


I love the Bidinis line of handbags. They’re made of the best quality, and you can see that the moment you set eyes on one and feel the sheer luxury of the materials.  And no matter how dainty they look, you can be sure that each of these bags is also practical, functional and more than equipped for your convenience. Like the Thelma Clutch, it allowed me to keep my necessary items safe inside a handy and trendy bag!

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