Review: Montelle Intimates Lace Bralette

About two years ago, I had a major shift in my lingerie life. After almost 15 years wearing underwire bras, I decided that I was over it. I was over the metal digging into my skin, over the wires that pop through the side, and over the incredibly inconsistent cup shapes and sizes. At the time of my epiphany, there were bralettes everywhere – they just weren’t in sizes for full-busted women.

Affordable bralettes have become my lingerie lifeblood. The comfort and support you can get from the right bralette will make you forget you ever held up your boobs with metal.

Recently, Canadian-based Montelle Intimates was added onto my growing list of lingerie brands to try due to their 32A-42G size range. Their reps sent over a bralette from their Spring/Summer 2017 collection for me to put to the test which I definitely, definitely did.

Montelle Intimates Lace Bralette Review

This is the Montelle Intimates Lace Bralette ($48) in Feather Grey. Usually, I wear a 34-36 E-F in most bras. The size they sent over was the 36 D/E which initially scared me. Historically, when I’ve tried out D bras, I’ve been instantly humbled. This time, though, the range of D/E was pretty accurate. Even if you’re on the high side of E (DD) or even a small F (DDD), this size – which is the largest size available – would probably work for you.

The Feather Grey color wasn’t my first choice, but I’m so incredibly happy that I got “stuck with it” because it’s absolutely gorgeous. It’s not quite blue but it’s not quite grey… It looks different in every type of lighting. This style also comes in a brighter, more cool-toned shade called “Skyway” and, of course, black.

Sadly, I can only find these bras for purchase in two places online. Hey, American stores – get with it! Montelle Intimates has been around since 1994 and the fact that they’re not more widely available is mystifying. Especially considering the price! As a busty gal, I have paid upwards of $85 on a single bra just so I wouldn’t have to buy another one in three months. Paying less than $50 for a potential everyday bra is a-ok with me.

And after the gauntlet I put this bra through, I would buy three of each color before putting another cheap-ass bargain bin bra on my body.

Long story short, I wore this bra for one week straight.
Then, I hand-washed it (as recommended).
Then, I took the lace bralette camping for a week in some pretty rough terrain.
Then, I washed it with biodegradable soap in a sun shower.
Then, I took it home and washed it… in a machine.

It held up incredibly well, especially considering the amount of lace on this thing. The back has three hook-and-eye clasps which makes it feel like, you know, a real bra except without all of the pokey parts.

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The straps are also somewhat glitzy, average width, adjustable, and really strong. They’re also somewhat convertible! The straps attach to the back of the bra with hooks, so you can easily turn it into a racerback/cross-back bra if you need to.

Technically, I think this qualifies as a longline bralette because the fabric extends down the torso a little bit. If I had smaller boobs, you’d be able to really see the coverage of the bra. But considering how busty I am, this delicate-looking bralette really does a good job supporting and containing my ladies.

The center-front of the bra is ruched which adds shape and interest to the bra. It’s nice to have a little bit of a dip in the front to accomodate v-neck tops and it also prevents uni-boob. This bralette is kind of the antidote for uniboob, if you ask me.

Where to Buy Montelle Intimates Lace Bralette Online

While Montelle Intimates are sold at a growing number of stores, this piece from the S/S 2017 collection is slightly more difficult to find. For now, you can pick up the Montelle Intimates Lace Bralette at these two locations:

*They have all of the colors available!


  • Shelley Johnson

    Great review and I’m not busty but have a hard time finding non-underwire bras that actually provide support. Thank you!